Birthday Cards –

One of the best buys for me scrapbook wise – was my Sizzix die cut machine, that little red beast is just the BEST thing for me!  I have had the same die cut shapes for the machine, for longer than I can remember…since living in Utah!  I moved to California – and my little beast broke…ended up having a wonderful scrapbook buddy send me 2 of hers!  

The two shapes I end up using for tons of things – my presents, and the balloons!  They have saved me more money than I can count – and time from having to cut out individual items!  With the balloons, simply add a stamped saying, or – a rub-on!  I have used black twine for my strings, as well as floss.  I have also used a fine tip black marker, and created the strings in black – being able to customize it a bit easier!  I also used scrap papers for the cards!  

With the present die cut – you can see the many times I have used this particular die cut, for birthdays as well as Christmas cards!  These are the kind of things I have been able to use in order to help save money at this craft!  
Another thing you can add to die cuts – are punches!  With the balloons above, I used a simple bow punch for all the strings to meet!  This is where a hot glue gun comes in handy – being able to glue down the designs easier on the papers you are using!  

Challenge – start to create a few cards for your own stash!  If you look at your calendar for the month upcoming, it might make it easier for you to start there! Make at least 5 cards for your stash, and share with me what YOU have done!

Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

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