I have been calling this challenge “get er’ done” for a while now… Since I am trying to change a few things where Memories is concerned, the name for this challenge is changing!!! Until I get it right, it might change a few times! For now, lets get started with planning everything!!! Grab your calendar, pens/pencils, notebook, planner, tablet – whatever you use and lets get started!!!

  • Look at your calendar for the next 6 months, what things do you need to plan, do, go to or create until end of April, 2021! If it is a more detailed “thing”, find something where you can keep notes and ideas for the project/event like a notepad, notebook, planner or lined paper even if that is easier. This way, all of the details and things are in one place when you need it and remember the things you want to include in the project!

Last month we started doing journaling along with the calendar!! We started with the journal itself and what we wanted to use for this project! We also started to make a list of topics and things that you can start with, adding more things to write about. Keep adding as you think of things! This month, Thanksgiving is here, whether you celebrate the holiday or not, you have to be grateful for SOMETHING… so write it down. Add a story, picture, something that will add to the story itself! If you have something like a program, put a pocket on the page before it – so you can always have your memories in one place!

Thanks for stopping by, until next time,

Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme

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