Card Challenge

I have a bunch of cards I need to get done, so I figured y’all would want to join me in creating! For this challenge, try to use what you have right now – no shopping unless it’s basic supplies only! Make sure you share with me YOUR creations, I might just showcase a few of them!

For most of my cards, I use scraps from other projects! Unless I am working with a one sheet wonder template! Even then, if you have a 6 x 6 sheet of cardstock or paper scrap, you can usually make around 6 cards with the pieces. The only other thing I do – is purchase the card packs that include the cards and envelopes!

With your scraps, look at the sizes of scraps you do have, pick templates you like, and cut the pieces those sizes. A 3 x 3 (or larger) cut from corner to corner! Borders at top or bottom – just look at the pieces you like to work with, and make cards with the smaller scraps you might have! This really is cost savings if you are doing lets say a baby related card, or birthday card – use exact scraps for the cards you make.

Now, sometimes, instead of using the card packs – I use just the envelopes, and then 8.5 x 11 sheet of cardstock cut in half (5.5 x 11) and then each of those pieces you will score at 4.25 to fold. You can always do other types of folds, I will share a few of these in other posts coming up, so like everything, check back for more. Until next time! (Oh and so sorry for the drama last post… I am just exhausted in dealing with a situation.) Hugs to all of you!)

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