Card Portfolio – Christmas Gift Idea

Front Cover –

For those of you who make cards – I hope you will love this particular idea!  If you don’t…the ideas are easy enough to recreate if you have a printer, a few fonts, and some sayings!  Add themed die cuts, stamps, punches, and other embellishments to create your own card packs!  So, lets get started on today’s idea – my 4 pack of cards in a folder!  This is the front cover – which is an 8.5 x 11 sheet of cardstock turned the landscape way, fold 2″ up, and then fold in half to create your folder! 

Inside folder

On the left and right sides, you will want to add your adhesive of choice  to keep the sides down.  The inside is for the cards, not necessarily to decorate – but you could do something fun with a bit of stamping techniques if you wanted to!  
With the cards, I did 4 different themes, but keeping with the whole heart theme – I created he 4 cards you see below!  I used scraps for everything – except the full sheet of cardstock (for this example I used 12 x 12 cut down a bit) for the folder itself!  This makes a great gift for a teacher, co-worker, neighbor, friend, or picky mother with a gift card in it!  

Cards make great gifts, and by using up the scraps you have…and purchasing a small card pack which includes envelopes, you can save a bit of money on your gifts too!  
Create a few extra cards as you are working on other projects, and make a few extra packs up as you go!  There are always events or people you just want to say a bit of “thank you” to, and handmade cards – well, are always great to receive!  Plus you always end up sending out cards for one event or another, even if some people don’t celebrate specific holiday’s!  I like those handmade “thank you” cards, something that has been made for me, versus the same cards everyone else can purchase for their loved ones.  
I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s idea..I know I will be making a few packs of cards…to add with the rest of the things I need to create!  

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Lynda Jeffs
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