Christmas In July

With talk about a second recession, this years Christmas should be planned early on, to allow for enough time to make the things you want to do.  Every year I plan and make a ton of things for my family, but…by the end of it all, nothing gets mailed out, instead I have a ton of things I have made, but nothing being done about it. 

This year is going to be different…I have started to make my plans, and looked at who I want to make things for, and who will get a simple card and gift card instead.  The people I make things for are people who enjoy what I do, and want something I have made. 

Challenge #1:  Look at your Christmas card list and start to get ideas as to what you can do for cards.  Find sketches or cards online that you like and want to recreate. 

Challenge #2:  Find a pack of paper that you can use for multiple projects, such as the packs you can get from DCWV.

Look at each individual person that is on your list, look at what you can make for them that would be perfect for THEM.  I have found individual projects like mini albums, framed pages, and cards make perfect gifts for your gift recipients.  Even if that person scrapbooks in the first place, making a friendship album with photos and quotes of the two of you is better than purchasing an outfit, or perfume! 

Things like altered notebooks in their favorite colors, adding a personalized note to it, and a pen, pencil and maybe some highlighters or gel pens make a wonderful gift.  This is made with 2 sheets of 12 x 12 paper, 2 sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper for the inside, and glue to glue it all down.  I then use ribbon, die cuts, or whatever I have available to complete the look of the book, personalized to that person.  This type of item is WONDERFUL to add with a special book if someone is going through a hard time, or just a planning notebook, to help you plan out events, or your life.  I also have a notebook with Christmas paper so I can plan my Christmas gifts, cards and events out for this year! 

So, this is just a small item you can make to get started…I have seen people do small notebooks and add magnets to the back them for the fridge, and these larger notebooks!  Get creative…add a bookmark to go with it, a set of pens, or a book that each person might really need.  If you go to you will see a ton of great book reviews from not only me, but also other wonderful women…find one that is perfect for you!  Stacie also has product reviews, so check out her wonderful blog! 

You will also notice on my blog, a Gift Basket site…where you can purchase something, or create your own basket!  They will mail it to them and everything!  I also am affiliated with a few GREAT paper crafting companies…I will be looking at having a gift service, so you can tell me the products you want and like, and I will help your familes to pick out the perfect product for you!  Or, if it is a larger item, such as the Cricut Expressions machine, I will certainly help you get that perfect gift!  Sign up will be starting in August for this wonderful service! 

Lynda Jeffs,
Memories in Tyme

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