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Have you ever used a color wheel in your creating? Once I started using one I haven’t stopped, and at times can’t create without it. My projects turn out better when I use the wheel because I get the perfect shades of the colors I want to use, and they coordinate together. Personally, I use the top left side of the wheel more than the right side – but I will explain both here!

You have different paint colors in your selection, but you might need a different shade. Or you need a specific color and you don’t have it, this is what you can use to get the right paint color! I am going to use red as my example here, using the above photo, look at the red color. If you look just under the colors, you will see black, white, blue, yellow and red. If you look at the red one, you will see pink below it, with white at the top just under red. If you mix white with red, you can get the perfect shade of pink that you need. Now, if you move it so you add black, it comes up as a beautiful dark red. If you add blue to the red, you get a shade of blue (which to me is rather odd…but hey, who am I). Add yellow to red, and you get orange… I would use more yellow and red than orange…so this would be a great time/money saver! And another one of those wow, had no idea – if you add red to red, you get a darker shade of red. Ya, who am I LOL.

Now the other side – the one I use more than anything! You have 2 parts to this as well, making it easy to pick out the perfect colors for your piece. In the picture above (left side) you have colors all around the top, and then you have a white part that you can move around. The color at the top of the wheel in the example, is blue-green. I wouldn’t know what color matched it, or would go good with it… COLOR WHEEL!!! If I want a complimentary color – it would be red-orange, a split complimentary would be red and orange. A monochromatic color scheme, is all shade of one color… And you can even go to the color next to the main color, and that will match.

So, you see, a color wheel is a necessity when you create! I hope you can see why! Let me know if you need anything further – I can always spend a few minutes on the phone or via chat if you would like, in order to show you more details!

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Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme

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