Craft Artist 2 Software Review –

When I first started digital scrapbooking, I started out by using
Serif Craft Artist software (or at least the previous version that is), so this
is what I have used from day one! 
I tend
to do easier type of layouts and projects…but I also love to play with all
the bells and whistles, to see what I can come up with too!
  I love the free kits I could download and use,
without having to spend a bunch of money up front…, but I also like the kits
you can purchase too!

You can download a free version of software at Daisy Trail web site, along with more
free kits you can use!  Sign up for a free account, that way you can get on and check out what others are doing!  This review is
on the Craft
Artist 2 Professional software
– cost $39.99, but is worth it in my opinion
with everything you get with it!   Create
scrapbook pages, photo books,  cards,
invitations, toppers for cup cakes,  gift
bags, tags, certificates, flyers and more! 
Plus with the free kits they come out with all of the time, you will
always be able to create fun things!    
The paid version of software includes quite a few page kits included
as it is, plus the free kits you can download – you can create without worry of
spending more money on kits.  Add to that
the kits you can purchase if you want to – (or those that you are attracted to
or would use a lot anyway) – you can create a ton of different things using the
same kit!  The software is easy to
navigate through, when you first start up, you will have a startup wizard to
help you get the right template up you will need depending on the project you
want to make. 
As the template comes up you have chosen, you can then go in
and add the kit or things you want to add to the project!  For me personally, I love the fact I can
change an aspect – such as background papers, embellishments, fonts can be
changed, and photos moved around!  You
can’t do that as easily when you use paper! 
 One of the best things I like
about this software, the startup wizard allows you to open up previous projects
you have saved…and even learn how to use the software by watching YouTube

Easy software to use – wonderful FREE kits you can download,
templates you can use – or start with a blank! 
A web site with a gallery you can go and check out – get inspiration
from, along with a forum where you can chat with others!   From the free version of software, to the
Professional version – this software is worth the price, whether you just
create a few layouts a year, or a few layouts a day!   
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 

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