Creating During The Pandemic (And beyond) Tips And Ideas

Tips and Ideas

None of us planned on this whole pandemic thing…we sure didn’t plan to be stuck at our homes with nothing to do for over a month!  I wanted to give you a few ideas to spend time creating while you are cooped up, using what you have already bought and have available!  Let’s get started!!!

  • Spend time as a family creating layouts from past events!  Sometimes others will remember things we don’t, or at least we get things from their perspective as well as our own!
  • As you are creating projects, find photos that can tell more than one story, or that tells a different side to the event or photo!  Maybe a photo where you have a picture of something (a person, or food lets say)… it goes with other photos in the event.  The same picture could be used by itself telling a whole other thing, using the food – maybe your favorite food…..that kind of thing!
  • Have each of your kids (if they are old enough) do some sort of a scrapbook of their own. Find topics you can have them either scrapbook or journal events from their perspective.  If they are young, you might have to help them type and print out what they want to say! 
  • Make time to document your own story as well!  Make sure the children’s other parent does as well!  Future generations will be glad you did, I have learned a lot by researching my own family by doing mine and my husbands ancestry!!!  I now want to know more and more about my own parents!   
  • Do framed pages with your family of special times – or family pictures, things that are special to you!  Add a little bling to it – a simple saying, and frame it up!  
  • Look at presents you can make for people for birthday’s, anniversaries, holidays, or just because!  Get started on things now!   

If you have already bought a lot of stuff, then guess what – this is the BEST time to start using it up!  Your pages don’t have to look like they are right out of a magazine…  A simple piece of cardstock – a picture, and what you write is fine…  JUST get it documented while you can – and right now, is the PERFECT time to get it done!  

Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

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