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When I bought my Cricut machine recently, (post here) I also bought this Cricut cutter and mat. When I first brought it all home, I was really unsure if I would use these two all that much, and almost took it back for a refund… Actually, if you really want to know the truth here, when my husband and I were picking out the machine, I decided I needed a mat as well. I didn’t think it came with one, so I got another one “in case”, (no, because I wanted an extra, lets get real here)!!! As we were looking for the sticky mat that goes in the machine, this is what I thought I needed! After we figured out it wasn’t, we decided to keep it and bought the cutter to go along with it. Once we got home, I set it aside to decide if it was really something I wanted to keep and would actually USE…. well, they are not going ANYWHERE!!!!

Some of the cardstock I use for my projects is heavier, and MUCH harder for me to use in my paper trimmer. My blade of the cutter won’t go through the whole sheet, it leaves the edges fuzzy… I then have to trim it to make more clean lines. I love my traditional trimmer, but the rotary cutter is better for that one reason (and many more)!

If I have multiple papers to cut the same size, I can use the cutter and the self healing mat to cut all of the same size papers, in one cut. The blade of the cutter will slice through the paper really well, with the self healing mat healing itself as it is done. You can cut things like paper, chipboard, fabric, or vinyl – that type of thing!

The blade can be changed as it gets dull , which I love! I really like the handle itself, great for right OR left handed users! On the front, if the white piece close to the blade is up, it is protected and nobody can get cut. When you push the white piece down, the blade is on, and you can cut your material. If you click on the blue piece, it puts the protective backing up so no injuries if someone gets a hold of it! Just remember to click it when you are done using it!

When it comes to the mat itself, it is 12 x 12 in size, you can get larger sizes, but this one is perfect for what I need, anything bigger would be a waste for ME personally. This one has angles at 30, 45 and 60, something I have done, but this is SOOOOO much easier than trying to do it in the trimmer! In fact, with my trimmer, it is really not possible to get it exact! This makes it perfect! And, you can cut 4 different sheets of paper, and then put 1 of each piece of paper, on one card. It also has the ruler on each side to make it easier if you need and exact size.

I love the product! I love what Cricut is doing with their machines and supplies like this! I have a few other pieces in mind, I will make sure to give you more info when I get them in my hands! Now, this is the part where I will tell you I purchased this product by myself with my own money (LOL actually, it was an amazing present from my husband). I am NOT being compensated by Cricut for this product in any way, shape or form. This is MY opinion about an AMAZING product!

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Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme

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