Cricut Explore air 2

Cricut Explore Air 2 – my new toy

Cricut Explore Air 2

This year, I had my 20th anniversary and Mothers Day within days of each other. I am a mom of 3 adult kids – raised and on their own for the most part, and together for this long with my husband. This year – we decided to go look for a new Cricut die cut machine for me as a gift for both – and this is the one I wanted!!! This little beauty does it all….and I am SOOOOO glad I got it!

I spent a bit of time researching this particular machine and the one at the price point just above this one. The ONLY difference, is the stuff you can cut with the other machine are more heavier materials! This machine, will cut exactly what I need it to cut, without having to go to the other size at the moment! I might eventually upgrade it, but right now, this does exactly what I want it to do!

First thing I like – is the colors they have available for the machine. I was able to pick up this beautiful mint color, but you want to check your local stores for what they have in their selection as they will have different colors at each location.

You also might want to check the website directly – I found great information for shopping (great specials by the way) and information about the product itself!!! I purchased mine at my local Michael’s store, well worth the price I spent!!! I have another goodie I bought, and honestly, can’t wait to review that set of items as well, make sure you check back for that post!

Cutting dial

For the dial, I simply LOVE the various “things” you can cut – making so many one of a kind creations of your own! From paper, to cardstock, and not just one size fits all cardstock! Now, with the cardstock section, you have the “light cardstock” feature for more double sided papers lets say and then a cardstock feature for the heavier cardstock. You can also do vinyl, iron on’s, poster board and bonded fabric as well!!! It also has a custom feature so you can cut your own images as well!

Writing function

So for this part, in your cartridges, you have fonts and things that is for writing only. They also have various colors of markers available for you to use. Basically, with the fonts available to you, you can create your own saying – and have it printed out from the marker instead of cut out, color it with chalks, markers or colored pencils. Oh ya, can you imagine the things you can do with this! A lot of fonts available for this, you would be surprised! If there is something you like – cut it out and color it all in! LOVE this feature!

Along with the pen, there is a drawer up front, concealed of course (check out the next picture for more details)! I love how I can put things in that are only needed for the machine, and conceal them, only using when I absolutely have to! Also wonderful to keep extra blades in it – more markers you purchase, etc. *Note, make sure you watch for those coupons from your local craft stores for products like this you can purchase in order to save money!

A lot of storage in this, a lot of various things you can do with it as well. Customized presents for people, save a bit of money… Got a wedding or baby shower, do customized invitations and all the decorations with it! Have fun and make sure you share with me AND Cricut what YOU end up creating.

**Note – I AM an affiliate for Cricut – this machine was bought with my OWN money, no specials or anything coming back to me. THIS is my honest opinion about something I have loved for a while! I hope you are cool with that!

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