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Guys, if you like the cut function on the Cricut machine, you will LOVE the writing function!! I needed a special piece for my brother and his new wife, well actually I planned it one way and my sisters planned it kind of different (I will say, I love their version better than mine…but never tell them I said that)! I decided to check out the writing function, to see how it would turn out on this piece. Well, I am totally in love with this feature for many reasons! I will share the exact idea on a later post and will update the link here! But here are the reasons I love this feature so much!

The fonts that are installed on the program that you use (Cricut Design Space) are completely overwhelming at the beginning! When you open up the software and start a new project, you will see there is a text function on the left side – click it, at the top there will be names of fonts in a little box. What I did, is look through all of them just glancing the first time around. The next time, I went through and looked at the fonts I liked and put them on an Excel spreadsheet. It made it easier when I work on a project, I could look at the exact fonts I liked first.

The best part I like, is I could customize what I wanted to say for this piece, and can change it for each piece I work on. I had stamps that I could have used for the “congratulation” part, but the names at the bottom I couldn’t. There was NO way I was going to use MY handwriting on it, so this was perfect for what I needed! I had made a mistake on the names and wasn’t going to change it , my sister pointed out another small mistake, so I had to after all. It made it easier to change what I needed because the words were already done for the most part. And you can put the size of the fonts different sizes depending on the piece.

Check out the pens that Cricut has either on the web site (link above) or at your craft store that has products, you can get various colors to use, not just black! I love this feature as well, and can also use different colors for the words as well, . I hope you check it out, it’s a great feature!

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