Easy Tips To Recycle

Recycle Everyday Things

When it comes to doing paper crafts, you can make a lot of neat one of a kind gifts for your friends and family!  Look at everyday things that you would normally throw away, and see what you can create out of it!!!!  

Things you can recycle:

  1. Cans – these beauties can be used for so many different things!   A pencil (or anything) holder for one, great to hold smaller like items in!!  Larger cans such as coffee cans, make wonderful present (of any type) holders!  You can put a lot of stuff in one coffee can!!!!   Cover them and add plants to them!!!  Decorate and use in the bathroom, kitchen or office!  Put markers in them, crayons, colored pencils even and add to a kid’s art table!  Use for your creative storage, changing the colors as you need to!!! (139)
  2. Boxes – another one of those things you can do so many things with!  Use them on the bottom of your drawers to hold your small stuff in!!!  Put different sizes in or all the same size depending on your needs!!!   For shoe boxes, use decoupage glue, your favorite paper and you have personalized storage containers!  Use the same size cereal boxes, cut the side piece (one of them) so there is 1/3 at the bottom of the box, and use it for magazine holders! 
  3. Plastic containers like above, can be used for candy jars for special people!  Or put a bunch of small things in there with a gift card!  Store ribbon or embellishments even!  
  4. Large jars make great storage for buttons, ribbon (by color), pens, pencils (all kinds!!!  Put a gift in it, such as kitchen utensils, or things for your fingers and toes, like polish!!!  
  5. Drink holders, 6 pack or 4 packs, and use for presents!!!!!

Get your own list of recycled stuff you can use, and as always, share with me what you are doing!!!

Lynda Jeffs, 
Memories In Tyme

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