Family Time

We all have families……… I know, some of our families are a bit “out there”, some might be rude as hell, others might not ever want you around, and even others might not talk to you at all. Then you have other’s who you get love, forgiveness, happiness, invited to events – and having people be happy you are there. My husband and I have been to both extremes…. treated like crap and treated with respect! Families are suppose to be everything to you, and when they are not – you end up being hateful! What a difference LOVE makes!

I was gone from my home state for almost 12 years! Left due to “issues”, and came home due to worse “issues”. My side of the family has been the best thing for both my husband and I. They don’t hesitate to keep us in line, and they love us for US. My brother in law and I, really didn’t like each other when we first met each other. Yet right now, my sister and Grant are the 2 I go to first for ANYTHING. They are blunt, honest, loving, helpful, and simply try to do what they can to help us move forward. Is it what we want to HEAR – LOL no, but is it things we NEED to hear, yes! But that’s what makes family FAMILY – is you work through things, and at times – you simply put it all aside FOR the family!

Spend some time today reflecting on your own family! Good, bad, indifferent… Either journal a memory from a wonderful (or bad) time with your family… Create a layout with your family… The list is endless here! And I will see you next week with another day spent with family! We might even dig into your family history!!

Until next time,

Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme

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