Family, sometimes it isn’t what we pictured in our minds. Sometimes it is just the opposite. I have NO idea why, I just know I am not the only person this has happened to. My friends mean the world to me – they have gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life, and I owe them A LOT. In some aspects, more than I can ever mention or repay. And SOMETIMES – those family members, turn out to be the best of friends as well!!!

Whether you journal something – find a picture for a layout, make a card for someone…. spend the time today to reflect about family in YOUR life. I pictured something totally different for my life – a wonderful marriage with kids, a house, and working doing something I love. Yet I got something totally opposite of what I wanted… I got 3 marriages full of hate and anger, 3 wonderful kids out of the mix, no house, and working my ass off for what I have now. I got just the opposite of what I wanted, but exactly what I needed in life to help me grow as a person.

What on EARTH do I mean by that. I had to learn to be LYNDA – not mom, not sister, not friend, not scapegoat………. LYNDA….. I had to learn what I was capable of doing, I had to learn how strong I was – and WHY I am the way I am. Reflections come when you need them the most, because it helps you to see the ENTIRE picture of things!

Today – spend time reflecting… Just pick some paper up and write – spend time in who YOU are – where you came from, childhood – spend time in documenting. I don’t know much of anything about my family, let alone Del’s (my husband). His dad died when he was 16, so he knows less than NOTHING about who he was or who they even are. That’s sad… I also know I have found a LOT of information by people spending time in writing down stories they heard. I have found a bunch of information like this on which has been priceless for me to learn more not only about my family, but his as well.

Until next time,

Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme

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