Here are a few questions you might need answers to for all things Memories in Tyme!

What’s your return policy?

If I am customizing a handmade creation to you or an event, whatever deposit you have made, is not refundable.  If you have purchased supplies and sent them to me, I will send those back as well.  If I have started the creation, then whatever item I end up making with the supplies I have used for it – is mine to use for whatever I want.

Your creation is customized to you – you are in on the process the entire step of the way, so when you get the design – it should be exactly what you are looking for!  We would have to talk if there is anything that doesn’t work for you further, before I decide to “refund” anything (minus the deposit).

Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?

We will ship anywhere you are willing to pay the shipping to!  We will ship the best way possible for you – if that is FedEx – UPS – work locations – husbands office…we will do what we need to in order for you to get your creations!!!

How long do you need to create something for me?

Depending on what you are looking for – give me enough time to work out a design for you to look at, purchase supplies for the creation – and make it.  If you are looking at creating an entire scrapbook for someone special – the more time time we can get to create, the better!

Do you have creations ready right now for me to choose from?

Yes, we have mini albums, bookmarks, cards, journals can be made in little time, giving me a color scheme to work with – I can make one up and see if you like it for no extra charge!  Contact me if you are looking for a gift for someone, I can send pictures of what I do have for you to choose from!

Can you make customized invitations for an upcoming event of mine?

Yes, see me for more information – your meeting with me is free, we will talk about what you want – when you need it – how much of a deposit I would need, etc!!!  Once the deposit is made, then work will begin – you will get the invitations once everything has been proofed and paid for by you!  Plus you won’t see the same invitation I made for your event, made again!

Why do you charge a customization charge – and then not charge it on other items?

If you contact me and tell me you want something done but you want it specifically done to your taste, a customization charge will apply.  If you contact me and tell me you want a “journal in pink, black and white” and give me info as to what you would like to see, you are not obligated to purchase what I have made!

Will you help me to shop for the perfect supplies for my project?

Yes!!!  If you are not local – then we will shop online, I have Skype available so we can chat at a good time for both of us to talk about your creation!  If you are local, then we can meet up at a local store for sure!!!

I have a friend who I referred you to – do you give any perks for this?

ABSOLUTELY!!!!!  Make sure they let me know they got my name from you, I always give those customers who DO refer people to me – 10% of what they spend, back to you as a credit for the next time you purchase something!

If I find something I want to be created – can you create it for me?

Send me a link or a picture of the item you want done, and we can talk about what the project would entail!  It won’t be exactly like the item, but it will be customized to you!

I have a special gift I want to have created for someone – what all do we need to do to get started?

Send me a message to get the process started – with a link or picture of what you are wanting!  This way your gift is much more special to your gift recipient than just a store bought item!

Can you do a class for a group of people, to teach us how to create our own handmade creations?

Yes we can!  If you have a bridal shower, baby shower, birthday, anniversary – anything you can imagine!  Each class is customized to you – and your event!