February Planning Challenge

I can’t believe we are already in the second month of 2017 – time really goes fast when you think about it!  This month, I want to spend the time getting things done for March – I have a goal, and right now, I can see how really far behind I am!  I hope these challenges help you as much as they do me!!!  Lets get started!!!  
Technology right now, makes it so that you truly can keep all your stuff on your smart phones or tablets if you have one!  Usually pen and paper is really good for me – being able to cross things off a list helps me to see I really am getting things done!  (LOL when I actually get things done that is!!)  So – grab your favorite organizing items – pen/paper, tablet or smart phone, calendar – and lets get this party started!!!  

  • Take a look at the next 6 weeks – until the middle of March.  What types of things do you have going on that you need to get done, purchased, created, looked at – birthdays, events, holidays…  
  • Next take a look at the next 3 months – until the end of April.  What other things do you need to add to the list…
  • Last look at your calendar until the end of July.  

I have decided since I am so far behind, I am going to simply get stuff ready RIGHT NOW – the other stuff, will be as I can finish them up!  One thing is for sure – I don’t want to go another month without getting everything done that I truly NEED TO – before I have to!  My list this month:

  1. Sympathy cards – I am way past counting on this one!!!  (Insert sad face)
  2. Valentines day cards and gifts 
  3. Birthday for my oldest on 2/3
  4. Birthday for special person on 3/8
  5. Easter cards and gifts
  6. Mothers Day cards and gifts
  7. Items to sell at the Farmers Markets

I am hoping to get more done this month – and be able to share more than I have created!  I hate it when I get in those “moods” – where creating is the last thing I want to do!  Here is to a fun year this year – spent taking tons of pictures, making fun projects, and creating wonderful things for my friends and family!  

Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 


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