Final project – with a bit of a twist!

One thing I really love to do – is create – and the other thingis share what I love to do!  It’s a natural thing for me – just give me paper, scissors, embellishments and glue…add a trimmer and my punches and I am GREAT to go!  Find me in a horrible mood – honestly – just shove me in my corner to let me create and make nice things for my friends and family!  Pretty soon I will be just fine!  I’m not sure if you guys are like me – but I learned that scrapbooking is a great therapy tool personally!  
I was on Facebook – and you know…I have been trying to stay OFF that thing and actually get more done instead of playing the games and getting sucked into conversations!  I found a post about Jinger Adams’ Design Team and the rest of my night was history!  So – here is my official entry, and we will see how this whole thing goes – however, I hope she likes my style enough to let me join her new team!  If not – I hope she finds awesome gals to showcase her stuff!  

This week here on Memories in Tyme has been all about using up scraps – my final project is the main project pictured above – an altered composition notebook, and the scraps leftover from that project made the two cards here!  I’m all for using up what I have…..each and every last scrap if I can!  I also love using patterned papers to create something that might not have been designed to go together, but is perfect for the project at hand!  This project is NO different – and I love how it turned out!  
It is a present for a special someone…thinking of her when I made it, with her favorite color of blue!  I love to take basic composition notebooks and then create something the person receiving can truly make their own by the words written on the inside!  I have used these type of notebooks for various things, including a “Christmas Planner” for planning out the festivities of the season!  This year will be a bit different for my husband and I – for different reasons!  I also have used them for planning things out such as my life and my business!  It just makes it easier to keep things in one place, instead of all over the place!  
With the scraps left over, the cards here were made with the paper left over from the notebook project.  The brown floral paper was paired with a basic brown in order to make a Get Well card…and the blue and brown polka dot paper was paired with the brown background color to make a sympathy card.  Using leftovers really does save you money – only having to purchase a pack of card bases with envelopes in order to make the cards more personalized!  Make sure to stamp on the back of each of your creations…I use a “Designed by” and then “Lynda” stamp on each of the cards that I create and sell…that way people know I take the time to make each and every item that goes out of my home!  Use up embellishments, stickers, or whatever you have from other projects – and your cost goes way down!  I like to make as much as I can out of a pack I get…just to see how much I can get from that one set!  
I hope you have enjoyed this week as much as I have spent bringing it to you!  Make sure you check out the new Ezine Article – all about using scraps leftover from other projects with a ton of great ideas!  Make sure you save your scraps – and share with me some of the things you have done – either on your blog or with me personally at!  I enjoy looking at what others do based on the inspiration they find here!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 

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  1. Your projects are fabulous… *Ü*
    Wishing you a beautifully blessed weekend,
    **Lots of BIG Hugs**

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