Get ‘Er Done Challenge

This month we are going to switch things up a bit… We will still do the calendar, and we are adding a journaling topic for us to work on each month as well! Future generations will be glad we did, especially this year!!! So, grab your favorite organizing and journaling stuff and lets get started!

  • Look at your calendar for the next 6 months, what things do you need to plan, do, go to or create until end of March, 2021! If it is a more detailed “thing”, find something where you can keep notes and ideas for the project/event like a notepad, notebook, planner or lined paper if that is easier. This way, all of the details and things are in one place when you need it!

For the journal itself, if you don’t have anything perfect right now, find something that will do for the moment, and start to write it down at least! A notebook of some sort works perfect for this reason! Then you can take some time to find the perfect journal you want to use! With our monthly challenges, I will have topic suggestions for you to take out of them what you want! Some will be more broad for your own take on things, and others more specific suggestions that will get you to think more detailed! All you need to do now, is decide how to document it all!

  • Start to make a list of events in your life you want to document adding as much details as you can and need to. Don’t worry about the timeline so to speak, just list things you can think of right now!!! Look at Covid and related, special events or birthdays, marriages, divorces, birth’s, deaths… Find one thing on the list you simply want to document further and start to think and journal about it!

Work on YOU….. based on YOUR words, thoughts and feelings! Join me this year in journaling my stories, and healing through it all!

Thanks for stopping by, until next time!

Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme

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