Going Through Your Paper Scraps –

What do you do with your scraps of paper used from other projects – do you throw them away, or do you keep each piece?  I have found over the years to keep it all – even the small strip’s of paper so I can use them on my tags, cards, bookmarks, and embellishments such as punch’s, paper piecing’s and stamps!  It is how I organize it all that helps me get more done!  Let me show you:

I gather scraps I want to use from my bin (shown above) that are large enough for me to use on my card bases, tags and both style of bookmarks.  


I will then cut down to size the various bases I want – and add them to my box of bases in the categories I have – tags, corner bookmarks, tall bookmarks, and card bases.  I also keep the envelopes in the photo box as well, this way when I am working on something – it is all together in one place.


The key is for you to figure out the things you create – that by using this technique, you will end up saving your self money!  Even if you go to the dollar store to find a card – they add up over time!   Eventually – the supplies you have bought, will end up paying you back each time you use them!  Plus, making one of a kind cards and scrapbooks are a lot of fun – and therapeutic too!

Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

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