Happy New Year Planning Challenge

Happy New Year everyone – it’s the first of the year and so many things going on at once for me!!  Since we all know these challenges are more for me than for you, I do hope they are helping you out as well!!!  I have created an altered notebook for me to keep track of everything this year such as the personal’s for each person – what they want, like, need, favorite colors – things that will help me plan gifts out a bit better!!!  I hope this one little thing will help me to get organized and do what I want before I need them done!!!!  (I know, simple task, just not that easy when I procrastinate…)  This year – I have goals – and the only difference between a wish and a goal, is a goal is written down!!!    
So, get comfortable, and lets get this show started!!!   

  • Notebook to keep track of upcoming ideas and things you need to create, purchase and get ready for – 
  • Pencil/pen – eraser – highlighters
  • Smartphone or tablet (if you use these)

  1. Start with the next 6 weeks or at least until 2/11/17…  What do you have going on that needs to get taken care of, created, purchased, or looked at?  
  2. Now look at your calendar until the end of February – what do you have on your calendar that you need to get done?
  3. Look at events and things you will need to get started planning for the end of March – it really will be here before you know it!
  4. Finish up by looking at things you have in your life until the end of June – what all do you have that you need to get done – holidays, birthdays, events?  

For me – I have the 3rd anniversary of my niece‘s death in January – my son‘s birthday in February, and Valentines Day coming up, and a number of things that simply DIDN’T get done this past year!!!  Here’s to a better year this year – with more done – more blogged about – ways to save money – and more fun creative ideas!!!  Happy New Year to each of you!!!  

Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 


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