“Miss Zoey” is a month now, and just adorable as can be! I had so much fun making her album, and can’t wait to see the little details I added to this album, come to life! I am discovering it is taking a tad bit more than a “few” days to share the entire project with you! The little details I added, need a post all it’s own! So, lets get started – you can find the supply list for the project here, and how to do the inked technique for all the pages, and front/back cover listed here!

Number the bottom back of each page from 1-20. Before you start to create any of the inside pages, punch the holes where the binder clips will go. Starting with the front cover and page 2, place the backs together and punch the holes, repeat for each set of 10 pages. For the 8×8 size you want 3 holes at 2, 4 and 6″. Make sure you experiment with sheets of paper before you start, it will save you the headache! Making a template also helps to get it right!

Once you get through punching all 10 sets of papers, then start to embellish the inside pages! I have the front cover done at this point, so once I finish up page 2, I use my hot glue gun (or my adhesive gun) to connect the back sides together. Repeat until all the pages are finished up! Add the rings, and some ribbon tied in knots! As for the inside pages, you get that post next, that should finish up the whole series!

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This album was a bit trickier than a lot I have done! And when I talk about thinking outside the box, this is one project I had to do just that! I originally planned on doing a 6 x 6 album with the papers I used, not necessarily a baby album. I knew the smaller size was not going to work for this album with THESE papers.

White vs sponged

Now, I will tell you my husband has great idea’s… and has a creative side that is different than mine is! He talked me into some binder rings – I said the smaller 1″ size would be best, nope… he said larger 2″ size would, and guess what – the larger size works best LOL! This is the first album made using the rings, and I LOVE the look!

Since the papers I used were 6 x 6, and I decided to do an 8 x 8 album instead… it posed a bit of a problem. I didn’t like the plain white at all, so after collaborating with my sister Deb, we decided it needed a bit of color! Using ink and a sponge, it created the perfect background!

This technique is easy – you need a round sponge that you can purchase at craft stores, along with ink pads that match the papers you are using. Dab the ink with the sponge and pat it on the cardstock randomly, repeat with each color making sure to overlap colors a bit. Leave the middle alone, since you will be adding a sheet of paper on top and you are done! Check back tomorrow for another post on other features of the album!

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When I create my albums, it all starts with the front cover! The details of the rest of the album, are based on that one simple page. I wanted my daughter to have a place where she could document what she wanted to, from details of the pregnancy as well as the arrival of Zoey!

Supplies used for this project:

  • 4 sheets 12 x 12 papers in pink, yellow, orange
  • White cardstock (I used a bunch…..)
  • Pink and yellow cardstock (I used a bunch….)
  • Cricut machine – the letters, rattle, onesie, blocks, due date, 123…, doctor visits,
  • Sizzix machine – Christmas stocking repurposed
  • Hand cut – bib
  • Punches – butterfly, heart, balloons
  • Bling – corners and large Z
  • Yellow and pink ink pads with sponge
  • Various ribbon and floss
  • 3 2″ binder clips

When I first start to create a project, I pull everything out I think I will need and I start from there. If I don’t have what I need to create my embellishments, I need to think outside of the box to get it done! Sometimes the out of the box creations are better than the planned out versions!

When you create paper crafts, your creations will be one of a kind! The scrapbook papers that are used for the most part it is seasonal! Even if the same papers are used, it is normally on a different project all together, which makes it look different either way it goes! This project was fun, I can’t wait to show you the rest of it!

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Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme


Brand new year, brand new beginning of a new chapter in our lives to do better, or change behaviors in our lives! Do you do resolutions or intentions each year? Or have you ever really thought about it one way or the other? Why do intentions, or why do resolutions? What is the difference? For a number of years I haven’t done much of anything – resolutions OR intentions. This year is a BOTH kind of year for me for obvious and not so obvious reasons!

Resolutions are more “goal” oriented, something tangible that you are trying to obtain. I want my business to go better, so I need more exact goals to get to the end result I want. I need to spend the time taking my dreams and writing them out on paper. The only difference between a dream and a goal, is the goal is written down on paper! Resolution’s help you take action!

Intentions are more habit related! Now this can go in ALL directions in your life… MY intentions this year are designed to help me be a better person! We can have the same intentions, but for very different reasons! Intentions are habits you want to break, like not drinking enough water, not working out, being rude and not loving… Habits and things that you need to stop doing

I am working on my resolutions and intentions this week! That fun planner I just got, will be put to use this year! I have a lot to be thankful for, and to work towards! I hope you join me!

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Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme


The last 9 months has been a complete nightmare for all of us. I’m not sure we could have even planned for any of this, not in a million years! Life before the pandemic you could spend time in large gatherings with your friends and family. In Utah, that is pretty much everyone LOL! Now you might be lucky to see them in a room with your mask on and 6 feet apart.

We are going to work on family and to start with, check out this link ! It takes you to a “Covid” related journaling topic for you to look at first! (You might even find the rest of the post helpful!) Plus each week, we are going to be talking about family in one capacity or another! I hope you join me, and document what you want in the capacity you want it!

  • Start to write down a list of things you want to document. Categorize it as you need to – I have one list with my parents and siblings, another one with my life with my kids, and now being “empty nesters”!
  • Find a notebook of some sort (digital or paper) and start to write topics you want to remember from your past. You might want to have a place to just write it all down with the date – and then transfer it to another place or whatever works for you!
  • Work on your own family tree. Start with a place like Ancestry.com! They have a lot of records that will help you understand just “who” you are!

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Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme



May I introduce little Miss Zoey Rain! My very first grandchild, a precious little girl! It seems everyone else BUT us have been able to enjoy being grandparents… now it is OUR turn! You have to understand relationships and dynamics of our “family”… we have 2 baby daddy/momma’s each… it proves to be very interesting to say the least, and I will leave it at THAT!

This is the cover of her album, and like everything I do, one of a kind! Showing you the entire album will need to be at least 1, if not 2 more posts due to the complexity of explaining the features! This album was customized for my daughter with everything based on things she wanted to keep track of such as finding out she was pregnant, thoughts on BEING pregnant, pic’s of her belly, ultrasound pic’s, stats of Zoey’s birth, journaling…a LOT of journaling, that kind of stuff!

The album has a lot of hidden features, which we will go over in the other post/posts! To give you a little peek, if you look at the picture above, you can see where her name is, this piece opens up to allow for other photos or journaling if she wants to! You can also see the 2 tags sticking out at the top, another hidden feature for the album itself! I can’t wait to share with you the rest of it all, it turned out perfectly!

When I look at her and I see her mom and I, the pictures are unreal as to how much we all 3 look alike as babies! A little special something I can scrapbook about!

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Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme


I am sure we are all sitting here and reflecting on the past year. Last year at this time, we spent the evening with friends and family celebrating going into 2020! And now this year, not many celebrations, and those that are, are kept to a very close gathering. I think PERSONALLY, 9 months is a bit too long for a 14 day quarantine….. and hope we do not regret it all down the line! Now, that little tidbit said, lets get to work!

I just got a new planner for the upcoming year, and am excited to use it! It has plenty of room to jot down little notes to go with the event, or just enough info with more details in another planning notebook! First up, grab your favorite stuff, your journal, calendar, planner, pencil/pen, highlighters, tablet or other electronic device, and lets get planning!

  • Look at your calendar for the next 6 months until the end of June! Get things added to your calendar, as to what events and things you have in your life that will need to get done during the next 6 months!

Last, spend some time in documenting this past year! The good, the bad, the UGLY… Your thoughts and feelings for this whole “Covid” thing down to staying locked up at home for 9 months! Anything good happen to you during this time, did you loose your job and then get another one, were you affected at all??? Simply put your thoughts and feelings down on paper from this past year!

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Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme


When I decided to do my A – Z album, I knew that a paper bag style album was going to be perfect for this project. It was cheap to make, and I could customize it as well! I wanted to be able to put various things in it…. things that makes up “ME”! I made sure to add plenty of pockets as well, and the end result is exactly what I envisioned!!!

I made the spine a bit larger due to having to add more pages for the letters. I knew for some of the letters I wouldn’t have as many words to go with them, so I put them on one page! I used 6 paper bags, with 4 letters on each bag, leaving plenty of room to put everything I need in one place! It also made it perfect for the items I want to add to it, I didn’t have to worry about where to put the little things I wanted to keep! The last post is here – it will give you a link for the very first post on it as well!!

As you think of something for a letter, have something to write it down. Sometimes the craziest things happen when you least expect it, especially when it comes to something like this! For this time, work on the letters A and B!!!! My words will include accident prone, appreciative, authentic, August….. bitch, baby of the family, bull headed, blond until I was 14! Have fun with this project, it is after all, ALL about you! See you on the 15th for more!

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I have 2 different “creative” spaces in my house. One is in my living room where my computer is that has my Cricut machine attached. The other is my office and creative space all rolled into one!!! I needed something I could take back and forth between the two spaces, with everything I need to create for that project, in one place. 31 Bags had this set that was perfect for what I needed – something to go from one space to the other, that looks good, is functional and I can use it for other things if I need to!

The zip-top organizing tote is wonderful for just about anything! Use it for your craft or hobby, to put work files and electronic equipment in, to organize many type of things! I love the pockets around the bottom, I have my smaller supplies in the pockets to make it easier for me to find! I put my sheets of cardstock/papers, my paper trimmer, a file folder for all the scraps, all in the large tote.

I also have my tiny utility tote to put all of my smaller supplies in – my ink pads, stamps, ribbon, bling…. the smaller things, put in one place. Click the links and you can see the different selection of colors and prints, and this month for every $50 you spend, get one item for 50% off! The totes here, $62 and you can choose the fabrics you like! Go to the site, click “My Parties”, and a link to the latest party is there! Let me know if you need anything!

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I have been calling this challenge “get er’ done” for a while now… Since I am trying to change a few things where Memories is concerned, the name for this challenge is changing!!! Until I get it right, it might change a few times! For now, lets get started with planning everything!!! Grab your calendar, pens/pencils, notebook, planner, tablet – whatever you use and lets get started!!!

  • Look at your calendar for the next 6 months, what things do you need to plan, do, go to or create until end of April, 2021! If it is a more detailed “thing”, find something where you can keep notes and ideas for the project/event like a notepad, notebook, planner or lined paper even if that is easier. This way, all of the details and things are in one place when you need it and remember the things you want to include in the project!

Last month we started doing journaling along with the calendar!! We started with the journal itself and what we wanted to use for this project! We also started to make a list of topics and things that you can start with, adding more things to write about. Keep adding as you think of things! This month, Thanksgiving is here, whether you celebrate the holiday or not, you have to be grateful for SOMETHING… so write it down. Add a story, picture, something that will add to the story itself! If you have something like a program, put a pocket on the page before it – so you can always have your memories in one place!

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Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme