I have been calling this challenge “get er’ done” for a while now… Since I am trying to change a few things where Memories is concerned, the name for this challenge is changing!!! Until I get it right, it might change a few times! For now, lets get started with planning everything!!! Grab your calendar, pens/pencils, notebook, planner, tablet – whatever you use and lets get started!!!

  • Look at your calendar for the next 6 months, what things do you need to plan, do, go to or create until end of April, 2021! If it is a more detailed “thing”, find something where you can keep notes and ideas for the project/event like a notepad, notebook, planner or lined paper even if that is easier. This way, all of the details and things are in one place when you need it and remember the things you want to include in the project!

Last month we started doing journaling along with the calendar!! We started with the journal itself and what we wanted to use for this project! We also started to make a list of topics and things that you can start with, adding more things to write about. Keep adding as you think of things! This month, Thanksgiving is here, whether you celebrate the holiday or not, you have to be grateful for SOMETHING… so write it down. Add a story, picture, something that will add to the story itself! If you have something like a program, put a pocket on the page before it – so you can always have your memories in one place!

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Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme


Have you ever thought about your family at all? Where you came from way back when – the history of your last name – the stories about people you have never even met, just share the same DNA as you do!?!? I worked for for 3 years, and started working on my family tree while I was there. I found so many different stories of both sides of my family, some I had heard parts of, and others I hadn’t heard at all! Helping my husband work on his tree, has given us other answers that he has needed!

In order to move forward, you have to look back. You will stay in the same place until you decide TO look back long enough TO be able to move forward! I don’t know if you understand what I mean – but you can’t stay where you are, and you don’t want to go back… but by looking AT the past, and those before you, you can then understand more so that you CAN move forward! Totally different backgrounds, ways of life, stories… but fascinating all the same!

Today, whether you journal something – you scrapbook something – or you jot something down on a sheet of paper… (on second thought, try not to do that… if you do, make sure you have a place to put all of the journaling entries in, like a box), find something that you want to document, and get started with your family history!

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Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme

Get ‘Er Done Challenge

This month we are going to switch things up a bit… We will still do the calendar, and we are adding a journaling topic for us to work on each month as well! Future generations will be glad we did, especially this year!!! So, grab your favorite organizing and journaling stuff and lets get started!

  • Look at your calendar for the next 6 months, what things do you need to plan, do, go to or create until end of March, 2021! If it is a more detailed “thing”, find something where you can keep notes and ideas for the project/event like a notepad, notebook, planner or lined paper if that is easier. This way, all of the details and things are in one place when you need it!

For the journal itself, if you don’t have anything perfect right now, find something that will do for the moment, and start to write it down at least! A notebook of some sort works perfect for this reason! Then you can take some time to find the perfect journal you want to use! With our monthly challenges, I will have topic suggestions for you to take out of them what you want! Some will be more broad for your own take on things, and others more specific suggestions that will get you to think more detailed! All you need to do now, is decide how to document it all!

  • Start to make a list of events in your life you want to document adding as much details as you can and need to. Don’t worry about the timeline so to speak, just list things you can think of right now!!! Look at Covid and related, special events or birthdays, marriages, divorces, birth’s, deaths… Find one thing on the list you simply want to document further and start to think and journal about it!

Work on YOU….. based on YOUR words, thoughts and feelings! Join me this year in journaling my stories, and healing through it all!

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Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme

Ally’s Album

Grant and Allison

This is my sister Allison (I call her Ally), she is my older sister by 5 years. Her and I haven’t always seen eye to eye… I think both of us being Leo’s is part of the reason, and my epilepsy diagnosis made it so my mouth has no filter… so if it is thought (wrong or right – rude or nice) it’s said. Ally was there for my husband the night I had my first seizure (and second…and third)… helped Del and the doctors understand the head injury that went unnoticed and by whom. Ally was there helping me to understand my mouth more, and why I have been so rude to people (her especially). For the most part, she was the main reason I came home (kicking and screaming) – she was the first person I saw from my family before we even pulled a thing from the trucks. She is the first person I go to, she tells me straight up what she thinks, and doesn’t mix words! She is everything to me right now, and one I can’t ever not have in my life.

Now, I will simply tell you, if you were to see the pictures on the wall in her living room, you would understand why she got an actual album from me for her birthday!!! She has NO room left for anything, I have no idea where she is going to put anymore! This album was created for her to put more pictures and actual journaling to help document her life other than just pictures on her wall! Best thing about this – is the fact we can add more pages as she needs them, though the journaling is the most important!

One thing I really like about this album is the papers itself, I didn’t have to use a lot of embellishments because the papers were loud enough! For me, it all starts with the papers and the title page, from there it all comes together! I have enough leftovers to give her so she can add the little stickers and embellishments as she wants to! For the title page above, I used my Cricut machine for the title, hearts and flowers – the bird, and 2 flowers in the bottom left corner, are from the album pack, which match the papers we used.

I really like how this one turned out, special project for a really special person! If you only knew our background – and if you only knew it NOW. My sister has taught me forgiveness, and love – unconditional I love you and I am going to kick your ASS all rolled up into one small ball of fire! I know one thing, if people hate my mouth, they probably won’t like hers either (wink, wink)! Love ya sis!

Your challenge for the month – find a project you want to make for a special person, and get it done! Thanks for stopping by!

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Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme

A – Z About Me

This challenge will be going on for a while, so if you are joining us late, go ahead and start here for all the details! Today, we are just checking in to see how everyone is doing with their album itself, and look at the first 2 letters. For the project itself, have you thought at all how you want it to look??? Are you making an album, or finding a journal for it instead?

If you ARE making it, do you want coordinating colors and papers, a larger album – smaller one??? Think about these features before you do anything else, it makes it easier in the long run by taking some time to think and plan ahead! I had to do that with mine before I started it. This one needed a different thought process to make sure I had enough space for each of the letters of the alphabet plus the features I wanted. I will have another post shortly with more of the specific details of my album, make sure to check back for that idea!

If you are not making an album itself – and you are doing more “journaling” than anything, skip the last part and lets talk about the options you have instead! You can find the perfect journal and pen set, go get a notebook and alter it, making sure you get a nice pen as well (idea here) – or just grab some lined paper and write it down for the moment until you decide HOW to do it! It’s more about the journaling than the album anyway! Plus you have to think about each of the letters and what describes you! I have small sheets of paper (4.25 x 5.5) with a letter on each one. As you think of a phrase, word or quote – add it to the letter! I have Epilepsy, so I might find a quote or something for it, and add it under the “E”.

Be creative – this is all about YOU… A – Z, who are YOU. Add pictures, don’t add them – do a mixture of both… who cares, just start documenting who you are A – Z! Check back the end of the week to talk about the first 2 letters we are working on!

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Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme


This my family – 4 of the 5 siblings and my mom! Dad passed away 3 days after my birthday, we buried him on the 11th, day before Ally’s (Allison) birthday! So the entire first 2 weeks in August, are enough for the both of us! The year I was born, all Ally wanted was a birthday party and a sister baby! Well, she got both! In the picture above of course the cute little lady in the front is our mom! Mom had 4 kids in 5 years – lost a set of twins in between all of them, waited 5 years and then baby sis was born! David is on the far left, Deb next to him, I am next to her and our birthday girl is on the far right! Mark isn’t in the picture, he’s right after Deb in the sibling line!

I wanted something special for Ally this year, a place to put her special pictures of friends and family! If you actually looked at one of the wall’s in her house, you would understand… she’s running out of wall room (wink, wink). I have had the album for a long time to get it done for her, it just kept getting put on the back burner for some reason! I vowed this year, I would finish up some of those type of projects… this one turned out better than I expected! For me personally, the papers made it so I didn’t want to use a lot of embellishments, it would make it way too busy! I will share the whole album in another post (maybe today), it turned out really well!!!

For today, your challenge is:

  • Make birthday cards for upcoming birthdays
  • Get a birthday present started
  • Find a project you have been putting off, and get it done

Like always, make sure you share with me something you have done with the challenge!

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Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme

Cricut Writing Function

Guys, if you like the cut function on the Cricut machine, you will LOVE the writing function!! I needed a special piece for my brother and his new wife, well actually I planned it one way and my sisters planned it kind of different (I will say, I love their version better than mine…but never tell them I said that)! I decided to check out the writing function, to see how it would turn out on this piece. Well, I am totally in love with this feature for many reasons! I will share the exact idea on a later post and will update the link here! But here are the reasons I love this feature so much!

The fonts that are installed on the program that you use (Cricut Design Space) are completely overwhelming at the beginning! When you open up the software and start a new project, you will see there is a text function on the left side – click it, at the top there will be names of fonts in a little box. What I did, is look through all of them just glancing the first time around. The next time, I went through and looked at the fonts I liked and put them on an Excel spreadsheet. It made it easier when I work on a project, I could look at the exact fonts I liked first.

The best part I like, is I could customize what I wanted to say for this piece, and can change it for each piece I work on. I had stamps that I could have used for the “congratulation” part, but the names at the bottom I couldn’t. There was NO way I was going to use MY handwriting on it, so this was perfect for what I needed! I had made a mistake on the names and wasn’t going to change it , my sister pointed out another small mistake, so I had to after all. It made it easier to change what I needed because the words were already done for the most part. And you can put the size of the fonts different sizes depending on the piece.

Check out the pens that Cricut has either on the web site (link above) or at your craft store that has products, you can get various colors to use, not just black! I love this feature as well, and can also use different colors for the words as well, . I hope you check it out, it’s a great feature!

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Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme

you should know

I started Memories in Tyme a LONG time ago… it was something I am really passionate about, your memories and documenting your life with words and pictures. Personally, I think everyone should do their Family History or at least document their own life! You can’t remember everything, and future generations – ESPECIALLY RIGHT NOW, will thank you for it… I have learned a lot from my ancestors… and wouldn’t be who I am today, without them and the memories shared.

That brings me to another point… off topic… I do not take crap from anyone… Not my family, not my friends, not my children, NOT my husband, or anyone else in this world. I am done with people who are vindictively trying to ruin me and my reputation…. and will address them here. Feel free to not read, unless you are curious that is!!! This is what happens when you spend 19 years on a crappy situation that we never caused….. just get blamed for it instead. Now – that said………………..

Do you all connected to my husband not have “lives” at all? Or do you think the bullying is going to get you somewhere? Oh it will, him mad as HELL as he is now, and me simply laughing at the continued crap behind backs. You can’t talk to faces, but behind backs, hell you all have that down perfectly. This is a crafty web site… the only reason you keep trying to hack in, is because YOU can’t handle the TRUTH. And if you keep this up, it takes all the drama off of you, and puts the whole thing on me.

Only – I’m not playing the whole “who’s the daddy” saga… I could care less WHO the father is, or who is not. I don’t care if you see him, or not. What I do care about – is you all doing this behind backs. Now… just an FYI… I have made it so every time you attempt to hack in, it is documented and sent to my email. I am not playing the games at all… and for you all to bring ME and MY business into things….. is messed up.

This is a craft web site, learn how to create your own cards, scrapbooks and paper crafts, or buy them for your favorite friends and family… What it is NOT – is a drama site, who’s the daddy, hate me, bash me, lie about me…. It is beyond “paternity/extrinsic fraud” and is now to more like “Intentional infliction of emotional distress”!

Thank you so much for me being the center of your universe… The ones talked about at every event! I really hope y’all get a life… if he hasn’t gotten the tests done by now… do you think he will? Y’all just want to bash and blame, and not one of you want the truth… Don’t involve me anymore please!


color wheel

Have you ever used a color wheel in your creating? Once I started using one I haven’t stopped, and at times can’t create without it. My projects turn out better when I use the wheel because I get the perfect shades of the colors I want to use, and they coordinate together. Personally, I use the top left side of the wheel more than the right side – but I will explain both here!

You have different paint colors in your selection, but you might need a different shade. Or you need a specific color and you don’t have it, this is what you can use to get the right paint color! I am going to use red as my example here, using the above photo, look at the red color. If you look just under the colors, you will see black, white, blue, yellow and red. If you look at the red one, you will see pink below it, with white at the top just under red. If you mix white with red, you can get the perfect shade of pink that you need. Now, if you move it so you add black, it comes up as a beautiful dark red. If you add blue to the red, you get a shade of blue (which to me is rather odd…but hey, who am I). Add yellow to red, and you get orange… I would use more yellow and red than orange…so this would be a great time/money saver! And another one of those wow, had no idea – if you add red to red, you get a darker shade of red. Ya, who am I LOL.

Now the other side – the one I use more than anything! You have 2 parts to this as well, making it easy to pick out the perfect colors for your piece. In the picture above (left side) you have colors all around the top, and then you have a white part that you can move around. The color at the top of the wheel in the example, is blue-green. I wouldn’t know what color matched it, or would go good with it… COLOR WHEEL!!! If I want a complimentary color – it would be red-orange, a split complimentary would be red and orange. A monochromatic color scheme, is all shade of one color… And you can even go to the color next to the main color, and that will match.

So, you see, a color wheel is a necessity when you create! I hope you can see why! Let me know if you need anything further – I can always spend a few minutes on the phone or via chat if you would like, in order to show you more details!

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Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme

Happy birthday

Today starts a time in my life I simply hate the most. I hate getting TO this day, and not because I am turning another year older….. You simply have no idea of the crap in my mind these 2 weeks brings me. It is suppose to be a happy time, and mine… is marked by death.

Happy birthday cards

This year is the first time back home in 12 years, so it is special for me AND my family! My sister’s birthday is 10 days after mine, and this year we will be celebrating our special day’s with each other for the first time in I’m not sure HOW long! I am sure you will see pictures posted on Instagram and Facebook, so make sure you check there for all the fun times from that day! And I am even MORE sure I will be doing some fun projects with the pictures I have from this year! A special project for sure, a book from Shutterfly!

With birthday cards, you can use the same punch or die cut, just in different ways! If you notice the far left and far right cards, I used the same punch, both cards turned out different because of the papers used! You can use balloons for a lot of different designs to celebrate things, baby showers, anything congratulations… you get the idea! With the middle card, you can see I used a die cut (from Sizzix) and then a simple star punch to match the papers! You don’t need just birthday related paper for your cards! I hope you have enjoyed this little idea – make some birthday cards of your own and make sure to share them, I might just showcase YOUR project!

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Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme