Family, sometimes it isn’t what we pictured in our minds. Sometimes it is just the opposite. I have NO idea why, I just know I am not the only person this has happened to. My friends mean the world to me – they have gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life, and I owe them A LOT. In some aspects, more than I can ever mention or repay. And SOMETIMES – those family members, turn out to be the best of friends as well!!!

Whether you journal something – find a picture for a layout, make a card for someone…. spend the time today to reflect about family in YOUR life. I pictured something totally different for my life – a wonderful marriage with kids, a house, and working doing something I love. Yet I got something totally opposite of what I wanted… I got 3 marriages full of hate and anger, 3 wonderful kids out of the mix, no house, and working my ass off for what I have now. I got just the opposite of what I wanted, but exactly what I needed in life to help me grow as a person.

What on EARTH do I mean by that. I had to learn to be LYNDA – not mom, not sister, not friend, not scapegoat………. LYNDA….. I had to learn what I was capable of doing, I had to learn how strong I was – and WHY I am the way I am. Reflections come when you need them the most, because it helps you to see the ENTIRE picture of things!

Today – spend time reflecting… Just pick some paper up and write – spend time in who YOU are – where you came from, childhood – spend time in documenting. I don’t know much of anything about my family, let alone Del’s (my husband). His dad died when he was 16, so he knows less than NOTHING about who he was or who they even are. That’s sad… I also know I have found a LOT of information by people spending time in writing down stories they heard. I have found a bunch of information like this on which has been priceless for me to learn more not only about my family, but his as well.

Until next time,

Lynda Jeffs

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Cricut Explore air 2

Cricut Explore Air 2 – my new toy

Cricut Explore Air 2

This year, I had my 20th anniversary and Mothers Day within days of each other. I am a mom of 3 adult kids – raised and on their own for the most part, and together for this long with my husband. This year – we decided to go look for a new Cricut die cut machine for me as a gift for both – and this is the one I wanted!!! This little beauty does it all….and I am SOOOOO glad I got it!

I spent a bit of time researching this particular machine and the one at the price point just above this one. The ONLY difference, is the stuff you can cut with the other machine are more heavier materials! This machine, will cut exactly what I need it to cut, without having to go to the other size at the moment! I might eventually upgrade it, but right now, this does exactly what I want it to do!

First thing I like – is the colors they have available for the machine. I was able to pick up this beautiful mint color, but you want to check your local stores for what they have in their selection as they will have different colors at each location.

You also might want to check the website directly – I found great information for shopping (great specials by the way) and information about the product itself!!! I purchased mine at my local Michael’s store, well worth the price I spent!!! I have another goodie I bought, and honestly, can’t wait to review that set of items as well, make sure you check back for that post!

Cutting dial

For the dial, I simply LOVE the various “things” you can cut – making so many one of a kind creations of your own! From paper, to cardstock, and not just one size fits all cardstock! Now, with the cardstock section, you have the “light cardstock” feature for more double sided papers lets say and then a cardstock feature for the heavier cardstock. You can also do vinyl, iron on’s, poster board and bonded fabric as well!!! It also has a custom feature so you can cut your own images as well!

Writing function

So for this part, in your cartridges, you have fonts and things that is for writing only. They also have various colors of markers available for you to use. Basically, with the fonts available to you, you can create your own saying – and have it printed out from the marker instead of cut out, color it with chalks, markers or colored pencils. Oh ya, can you imagine the things you can do with this! A lot of fonts available for this, you would be surprised! If there is something you like – cut it out and color it all in! LOVE this feature!

Along with the pen, there is a drawer up front, concealed of course (check out the next picture for more details)! I love how I can put things in that are only needed for the machine, and conceal them, only using when I absolutely have to! Also wonderful to keep extra blades in it – more markers you purchase, etc. *Note, make sure you watch for those coupons from your local craft stores for products like this you can purchase in order to save money!

A lot of storage in this, a lot of various things you can do with it as well. Customized presents for people, save a bit of money… Got a wedding or baby shower, do customized invitations and all the decorations with it! Have fun and make sure you share with me AND Cricut what YOU end up creating.

**Note – I AM an affiliate for Cricut – this machine was bought with my OWN money, no specials or anything coming back to me. THIS is my honest opinion about something I have loved for a while! I hope you are cool with that!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lynda Jeffs

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One sheet wonder examples

I kind of “stumbled” across the “one sheet wonder” template and card idea recently. Once I started on my first set of cards, I have been HOOKED ever since! When I look at the examples, all of them are so different – even IF the same shapes from the templates are used. I think that is the part I love the most, I have seen so many awesome ideas from the templates I have saved. Simply find the best templates and papers, and get started!

With the card examples shown here – you can see just how you can use the templates with your cards, making different card TYPES for the papers you selected. For me personally – I love THIS part the most! OF course I love to create all of the same TYPE of cards with the same papers, but also love to use one set of papers with various themes as well!

I think one of my other favorite parts from using this type of creating cards – is the various ways you can use the various shapes you find. Mat them, don’t mat them! ADD background paper – DON’T add background paper! White card base – colored card base….. And if you look at the example here – you can see VARIOUS colors of cards are used for the background!

Tips to get started –

  • Go to your favorite search bar (I used Google) and type in “one sheet wonder” and you will get plenty of templates you can use, sites you can go to, and ideas!
  • Find papers you want to use. Any of the sizes you normally use – and find the sizes to cut the shapes in to.
  • Look at papers that you can use for various things – like flowered paper for thank you, thinking of you, sympathy or birthday cards…. Do more than one saying for the whole sheet!
  • If you have one themed sheet – use it for that theme, such as birthday cards! You can also use blue or pink “celebration” type papers for baby’s as well!!!
  • Pick colors for each of the shapes, and finalize your cards based on the colors you have selected. Some of the cutest cards have been done using paper, a saying and a small embellishment – let the paper be your deciding factor!

I hope you have fun in this wonderful card type – and make sure you share with me what you have done!!!

Until next time,

Lynda Jeffs

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Get ‘Er Done challenge

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I am not sure about you all – but wow…it’s already early June! I’m not sure if I need to plan for the end of the world, a party for next week for under 20 people, snow – rain – or hot…… However, we are going to attempt to see what we can do for events we MIGHT have planned between now and the end of the year!

We have all had our lives ripped out from underneath us with this whole “Covid-19” pandemic. I’m not sure our world will be the same again, but that is just me! Holiday’s and things this year – might be a bit more special, instead of just another day! Make something handmade instead of a huge gift! Even if you DO give a gift card, you can make a special card holder for it, and have them frame the piece when they are done! We will have a whole other post on how to save money for the rest of the year!!! Make sure you check back for that one!

Here’s where I tell you to grab your favorite way to organize your life… Mine happens to be a calendar (printed out), a pen, and a few highlighters! I make sure to get all the info I can on the calendar – and then a sheet of paper for more info as to what I need to do for it. Others will use a planner, or their phone/tablet/computer – use whatever is best for YOU to get more done! So, lets get started – shall we!

  • Look at your calendar for the next 6 weeks – until the middle of July! Add any events you need to create something for, plan out, go to, make something for – etc!
  • Look at your calendar for the next 3 months – until the end of August! Is there anything else you need to add to the list?!
  • Last look at the next 6 months – until the end of November (full 6 months)! Start to look at this time of year – anything you can get made early?

I hope you join me in getting more things done – and by the time you NEED to get them done! I will have another post coming up about how TO get more done – and a design sheet that will help you get started on creating things you need to! Check back for that post as well!

Until next time,

Lynda Jeffs,

Memories in Tyme

One sheet wonder

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If you go to Pinterest – or your favorite search engine…and simply type “one sheet wonder template” you can get as many templates like this one – to choose from! I totally love how you can use the same template over and over again, and every card will turn out different depending on what you do for the saying and embellishments used! I also love to find 6 x 6 templates that are different, and use 1 12 x 12 sheet of paper on all of it. I might even use a 12 x 12 sheet of paper using an 8.5 x 11 template once in a while, it just depends on the cards and the template I decide to use, and what I feel like doing at the time!

I have really enjoyed using these templates, and not have to make my own card backgrounds out of the scraps I have leftover, searching for the perfect papers! However, I still grab a scrap of paper, and still make my own backgrounds out of them… They just are not as uniform as the templates here are – and you can use one template, one sheet of paper – and different card examples for each set of cards!

To get started –

  • Find a template you want to use depending on the sheet of paper you are planning to use. If you only want to make a few cards, find a 6 x 6 template vs a larger one. That way you can do a smaller amount of the same card easier! (Such as a birthday card from birthday paper.)
  • Use scraps of paper that you can cut into the shapes from the templates – use enough to make plenty of cards from the same theme, just different papers used.
  • Use a whole sheet of paper, add some of the shapes cut from the paper to the card itself, and put away for use later on when you need the “perfect” card.

Find your own templates, and start to search Pinterest or online for the examples you like! I see SO MANY different ways to use the template shapes, find what you like! You can find your own style – or switch it up and do many different things! I will go over some of the card examples in a post tomorrow! Check back then for more ideas!

Until next time,

Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme

Creating During The Pandemic (And beyond) Tips And Ideas

Tips and Ideas

None of us planned on this whole pandemic thing…we sure didn’t plan to be stuck at our homes with nothing to do for over a month!  I wanted to give you a few ideas to spend time creating while you are cooped up, using what you have already bought and have available!  Let’s get started!!!

  • Spend time as a family creating layouts from past events!  Sometimes others will remember things we don’t, or at least we get things from their perspective as well as our own!
  • As you are creating projects, find photos that can tell more than one story, or that tells a different side to the event or photo!  Maybe a photo where you have a picture of something (a person, or food lets say)… it goes with other photos in the event.  The same picture could be used by itself telling a whole other thing, using the food – maybe your favorite food…..that kind of thing!
  • Have each of your kids (if they are old enough) do some sort of a scrapbook of their own. Find topics you can have them either scrapbook or journal events from their perspective.  If they are young, you might have to help them type and print out what they want to say! 
  • Make time to document your own story as well!  Make sure the children’s other parent does as well!  Future generations will be glad you did, I have learned a lot by researching my own family by doing mine and my husbands ancestry!!!  I now want to know more and more about my own parents!   
  • Do framed pages with your family of special times – or family pictures, things that are special to you!  Add a little bling to it – a simple saying, and frame it up!  
  • Look at presents you can make for people for birthday’s, anniversaries, holidays, or just because!  Get started on things now!   

If you have already bought a lot of stuff, then guess what – this is the BEST time to start using it up!  Your pages don’t have to look like they are right out of a magazine…  A simple piece of cardstock – a picture, and what you write is fine…  JUST get it documented while you can – and right now, is the PERFECT time to get it done!  

Until next time,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Products Used This Week

Products I used on the projects this past week 

I use a lot of different products on the things I make – and yet, I end up using the same things over and over at times!  You will have your favorite “go-to’s” when you create, just don’t forget to look outside the box as well!!!  Things like floss and ribbon, used for other things, can be used with your paper crafts as well!!!  Let’s get started!


Die cuts

The die cuts I have right now, I have used for 18+ years that I can remember!  It was the best investment instead of cutting the shapes out by a template!  That is great and cost effective if you are just starting, but if you are going further, you need access to a good die cut machine!  I personally use Sizzix and Cricut, I will have reviews for both of them coming up!  Make sure you check back next month for those!  Best thing with the die cuts, you can use them over and over with different papers and themes, and they will come out different every time!  


The paper I used is from Stampin’ Up!!!  They have amazing paper, double sided and coordinating as well!  I also love how thick it is for my projects!  My mom’s birthday project was used with their papers, as well as the sympathy cards!  If you look at the details around each of the sides, I used 4 different designs!  Any papers will do of course, the thinner the paper, the more you need to help back it with cardstock or thicker paper.


I have punches I have bought within the past few years, and some I have had for over 20+. I use punches a lot, and like every item I purchased, it saves me money!   Find some that you will USE, and look at various companies for them! I love Stampin’ Up’s punches, Martha Stewart, and EK Success’ paper shapers!  I have an older version from 8 years ago, but use them still I do!!!

Other than floss and adhesive, I didn’t use a lot of other stuff on the items made this week!   I hope you can see the fun things you can create, by using a few products!  
Lynda Jeffs
Memories In Tyme

Making Extra Embellishments For Future Projects

 Making extra embellishments for future projects

When I start to work on a project – I look at what exactly am I creating….. what type of a project and how many of it am I doing.  Do I need to create one set – or multiple?  As I look at “that” – I start to decide what papers am I going to use.  I might start with one set – and then move on to something totally different by the time I am done LOL!  It all starts with the papers – to make beautiful embellishments of your own! 

Once I start to work on my project, I make more than enough embellishments to work with!  That way, I can be a bit more picky about the things I am adding TO the creation, and I have some left over to use on other projects!!!  If you notice the photo, these are the leftovers from my mom’s altered drink holder!  I can use the white balloons on a bunch of birthday cards, and won’t have to  die cut any shapes for a while!  


  1. Making more embellishments, saves you time down the line, by not having to die cut more shapes!
  2. It helps you customize each of your project’s and make them more one of a kind!
  3. Put more than one embellishment together that match in color, but maybe not the same manufacturer of paper!  
  4. Put them on your cards, make a bunch of them while you are making a project!  Great to do for birthdays and baby cards!  
  5. Go to your stash before you create another embellishment!  Sometimes I have found the perfect embellishment to go with the project I am doing!!!

By doing extra embellishments while you have it all out, it saves time in the long run, and makes some of your project’s be one of a kind!  Make sure you share with me what you have done!!!

Lynda Jeffs,
Memories In Tyme

Sympathy Card Idea

Sympathy Card

Sympathy cards are never any fun to make, given the reason you are making the card in the first place!  I finally found a stamp set I love to use that allows me to create a lot of different cards with one set, including sympathy cards!!!  Stampin’ Up is my favorite place to purchase stamps and ink pads as they have quality products, in a ton of themes!!!!  I am sure you will find what you are attracted to, from stamps to ink pads… no matter what company you end up going with!!!  

Supplies used:

Sympathy stamps
Ink pads to match paper used
Card w/envelope
Various flower die cuts
Vine w/leaves die cut
Large sun punch
Small sun and circle punch
Border punch
Papers (I used Stampin’ Up)
As I start my cards, I usually pick out more than enough stuff to create with, supply wise I mean – such as:
  1. Papers I want to work with
  2. Stamps I want to use for the project
  3. Any ink pads to match the papers 
  4. If I have anything I want to use already done, I add that
  5. Templates if I have any
  6. Punches I will use
  7. Die cuts I will use
  8. Ribbon or floss if I am using it
  9. If I am not using ink pads, then any markers, colored pencils, embossing powder I will use
  10. Bling… I using any, if so – I add it here
For this example, you can create just about any theme for this card!  Switch it to a thank you card, birthday card, generic card saying, or a thinking of you card even!!!  You can find a card example you like, get papers you have, with the supplies you have…and create your own sympathy or other style card!!!  I started doing one sheet wonders for my cards!  Check back next week for a post all about it!!!  I hope you enjoy the examples!  Have fun creating your own and make sure to share what you ended up doing!!!

Lynda Jeffs
Memories In Tyme




Using Corner Punches For Tags

Using Corner Punches For Tags

With today’s idea, I was playing around with my supplies, needing to do a few sympathy cards….. and this is what I ended up with!!!  I will share the finished idea tomorrow, but the tags can be done for various themes and sayings, so it deserves a post all it’s own!!!  I have a lot of supplies I have had for over 20 years, and some more like 25+ years that I still use to this day!!!!!  This is one thing I have used over and over again, only different ways!  It makes the cost for that supply, actually save you money in the long run, every time you use it on a project!!!!  Sometimes, it pays you to buy it the more you use it!!!

Supplies needed:

  • Corner Punches

  • Cardstock
  • Stamps
  • Ink pads
  • Paper trimmer 


  1. Decide what type of a tag you want to create. 
  2. Find the stamps you want to use.
  3. Pick out the ink pad that will match your cardstock.
  4. Stamp your saying giving you more than enough room to punch your corners.
  5. Trim your saying, make it big enough, but not “too big”.
  6. Punch one side to start with, make sure that side looks good, and then do the opposite side.  This step creates your tag!  211

The final look will depend on the corner punch you will use!  I have about 4 my sister gave me a long time ago that I still use, the one I used here is one of them!!!  I might not have the newest of supplies, but it all works just the same!  With this particular punch, I found it on Amazon, it is a Fiskars 3 in 1 corner punch Heritage!  It has 3 of the 4 I actually use included!!!!

It doesn’t matter if you have exactly what I have, find a simple corner rounder and use it instead!!!!  It might look a bit different, but it will look good all the same!!  You don’t need to spend a lot of money on supplies to make things look good, trust me on that one!!!  All you need is a few supplies and an imagination, you get both with me!!!!  Thanks for stopping by!

Lynda Jeffs
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