Get Er’ done challenge

Well, here we are in August, I skipped the whole “July” challenge LOL, but I am back again! I have a lot going on (like all of us) and am re-evaluating a lot of different things in my life! My “spaces” within my home, my business, my “life”… every bit of it! Get rid of the old and not working for me, and replace with behaviors and things that DO!

As you look at your calendar this time, look at holiday’s and events a bit differently. You might want to do more special presents, handmade gifts instead! Or if you do spend money on the gift, watch for sales and wrap it up a bit more special! I will be working on a lot of fun things for birthdays and Christmas in the next few months, so make sure you check back for more idea’s!

Now, lets grab your most favorite ways to organize your life… a planner or notebook with pens/pencils, electronic device with a calendar function, or just a calendar and a pen… and lets get started! Right now, I use a simple printed out calendar page, a pen (or pencil) along with my highlighters, and that’s about it! 149.Lets get started:

  • Look at your calendar for the next 6 weeks, that gets us in to the middle of September. Do you have anything you need to get started on, finished up – planned out… add anything!
  • Look at your calendar for the next 3 months, until the end of October. Anything else you need to think about in this direction?
  • Look at your calendar for the next 6 months, until the end of January! This gets you through the Christmas season and in to next year! Get anything at least in PENCIL on the calendar!

I hope this helps you get more planned and done! I know it is helping me to a point – right now for me, it is a matter of getting it done, not planning it out! Join me in learning how to NOT PROCRASTINATE and get more done creatively for the months coming up!

Until next time,

Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme


You are who “you are” – all the good, bad, pretty and the ugly, and nobody can do YOU better THAN you! I have an album I started a LONG time ago… well, the ALBUM is finished, but no journaling yet! It’s the journaling that is hard for me… If I had started that part a few years ago, the words to describe me wouldn’t be so nice. Now, it is WAY different – and I am anxious to get it all started! So to get me to push myself to FINISH this project, I’m going to do a 6 month, A – Z about me album, I hope you will join me!

For the first month – we are going to create the album itself, and work on 2 letters! Starting in September, we will do 2 letters every 2 weeks! This way, we can get it done in 6 months or less! I will share with you my album in a post next week – a paper bag album!!! I simply have not thought about the words that describe me… With my album, I have pockets that I can put things like phrases, quotes, pictures of “things” I like… The possibilities are endless, it’s up to YOU to decide what you want YOURS to look like!

For this next part, take 7 sheets of paper, cut in half (5.5″, and then cut that in half at 4.25″) you need 26 sheets after they are cut, putting each letter of the alphabet on each sheet. As you think about something that fits that letter, trust me – you WANT to write it down! You might want to ask others what would use to describe you as, you can add them! Remember to put the TRUTH, but don’t beat yourself up! In other words, I am a BITCH… and I know it. I will use that word, but I would NEVER use “c*nt”. Not to describe me OR anyone else! Have fun starting on your project, and let me know you are joining, I will be having a prize at the end for those that share their pages with me!

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Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme

cricut cutter and mat

When I bought my Cricut machine recently, (post here) I also bought this Cricut cutter and mat. When I first brought it all home, I was really unsure if I would use these two all that much, and almost took it back for a refund… Actually, if you really want to know the truth here, when my husband and I were picking out the machine, I decided I needed a mat as well. I didn’t think it came with one, so I got another one “in case”, (no, because I wanted an extra, lets get real here)!!! As we were looking for the sticky mat that goes in the machine, this is what I thought I needed! After we figured out it wasn’t, we decided to keep it and bought the cutter to go along with it. Once we got home, I set it aside to decide if it was really something I wanted to keep and would actually USE…. well, they are not going ANYWHERE!!!!

Some of the cardstock I use for my projects is heavier, and MUCH harder for me to use in my paper trimmer. My blade of the cutter won’t go through the whole sheet, it leaves the edges fuzzy… I then have to trim it to make more clean lines. I love my traditional trimmer, but the rotary cutter is better for that one reason (and many more)!

If I have multiple papers to cut the same size, I can use the cutter and the self healing mat to cut all of the same size papers, in one cut. The blade of the cutter will slice through the paper really well, with the self healing mat healing itself as it is done. You can cut things like paper, chipboard, fabric, or vinyl – that type of thing!

The blade can be changed as it gets dull , which I love! I really like the handle itself, great for right OR left handed users! On the front, if the white piece close to the blade is up, it is protected and nobody can get cut. When you push the white piece down, the blade is on, and you can cut your material. If you click on the blue piece, it puts the protective backing up so no injuries if someone gets a hold of it! Just remember to click it when you are done using it!

When it comes to the mat itself, it is 12 x 12 in size, you can get larger sizes, but this one is perfect for what I need, anything bigger would be a waste for ME personally. This one has angles at 30, 45 and 60, something I have done, but this is SOOOOO much easier than trying to do it in the trimmer! In fact, with my trimmer, it is really not possible to get it exact! This makes it perfect! And, you can cut 4 different sheets of paper, and then put 1 of each piece of paper, on one card. It also has the ruler on each side to make it easier if you need and exact size.

I love the product! I love what Cricut is doing with their machines and supplies like this! I have a few other pieces in mind, I will make sure to give you more info when I get them in my hands! Now, this is the part where I will tell you I purchased this product by myself with my own money (LOL actually, it was an amazing present from my husband). I am NOT being compensated by Cricut for this product in any way, shape or form. This is MY opinion about an AMAZING product!

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Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme

Family Time

We all have families……… I know, some of our families are a bit “out there”, some might be rude as hell, others might not ever want you around, and even others might not talk to you at all. Then you have other’s who you get love, forgiveness, happiness, invited to events – and having people be happy you are there. My husband and I have been to both extremes…. treated like crap and treated with respect! Families are suppose to be everything to you, and when they are not – you end up being hateful! What a difference LOVE makes!

I was gone from my home state for almost 12 years! Left due to “issues”, and came home due to worse “issues”. My side of the family has been the best thing for both my husband and I. They don’t hesitate to keep us in line, and they love us for US. My brother in law and I, really didn’t like each other when we first met each other. Yet right now, my sister and Grant are the 2 I go to first for ANYTHING. They are blunt, honest, loving, helpful, and simply try to do what they can to help us move forward. Is it what we want to HEAR – LOL no, but is it things we NEED to hear, yes! But that’s what makes family FAMILY – is you work through things, and at times – you simply put it all aside FOR the family!

Spend some time today reflecting on your own family! Good, bad, indifferent… Either journal a memory from a wonderful (or bad) time with your family… Create a layout with your family… The list is endless here! And I will see you next week with another day spent with family! We might even dig into your family history!!

Until next time,

Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme


This week, your challenge is to either find an old project you have wanted to do, or finish up a project you have needed to! The thing with this challenge is – NO shopping allowed!!! If you need basic supplies such as adhesive, a sheet of cardstock if you don’t have the right color (or enough), that is fine, but no other supplies purchased! I am sure you all have a LOT of stuff, just like I do… so lets have fun and create, and not have to go shopping because of “Covid” LOL!

I have a special project I need to get done before I go celebrate birthday’s next week! My sister Allison’s birthday is on August 12th and mine is the 2nd. All she wanted the year I was born, was a birthday party and a sister baby (her words), she got both!!!! This year is more special than any of my birthday’s, it is my first birthday home from living out of state for 12 years! And probably the only time (especially as adults), that we have celebrated our days together! This year, we are spending it with our family and friends, eating really awesome food and drinking a bunch of iced tea! I am sure there will be quite a few more posts and pictures of the day both on Instagram and here! If you are not following me on Instagram, the link is on the bottom.

I am also working on another special project, a baby album for my first grandchild! I have all the papers and embellishments (or will use my Cricut machine) I will need for it! After I get it done, I will have a post here, and the basic idea! Make sure you share with me what you have done and the supplies used for your No Shopping Allowed challenge!

Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme

Card Challenge

I have a bunch of cards I need to get done, so I figured y’all would want to join me in creating! For this challenge, try to use what you have right now – no shopping unless it’s basic supplies only! Make sure you share with me YOUR creations, I might just showcase a few of them!

For most of my cards, I use scraps from other projects! Unless I am working with a one sheet wonder template! Even then, if you have a 6 x 6 sheet of cardstock or paper scrap, you can usually make around 6 cards with the pieces. The only other thing I do – is purchase the card packs that include the cards and envelopes!

With your scraps, look at the sizes of scraps you do have, pick templates you like, and cut the pieces those sizes. A 3 x 3 (or larger) cut from corner to corner! Borders at top or bottom – just look at the pieces you like to work with, and make cards with the smaller scraps you might have! This really is cost savings if you are doing lets say a baby related card, or birthday card – use exact scraps for the cards you make.

Now, sometimes, instead of using the card packs – I use just the envelopes, and then 8.5 x 11 sheet of cardstock cut in half (5.5 x 11) and then each of those pieces you will score at 4.25 to fold. You can always do other types of folds, I will share a few of these in other posts coming up, so like everything, check back for more. Until next time! (Oh and so sorry for the drama last post… I am just exhausted in dealing with a situation.) Hugs to all of you!)

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Lynda Jeffs – Owner Memories in Tyme!

Update and more

I started Memories in Tyme at a time in my life when I needed it the most… as I look at things right now, I need it even more today, than I did then! I haven’t been able to take myself seriously until recently. Events in the world, and in my own personal life forced me to take a look at things a bit differently. Some of the changes are personal in nature, and others are business… one affects the other, so changes must be made on my part in order to move forward in life, not backwards! Memories in Tyme is a big part of those changes I need to make!

I started having seizures 2 years ago. In fact 7/11 was the first of 3 before the diagnosis from hell. I saw a post from my sister the night it all happened, to say it affected me is a complete understatement. When you almost die twice, no matter who says what – it changes the whole PART of you.

As far as family is concerned, my sisters/siblings and I NOW – a total difference in our relationship than before. Is it because I could heal through a bunch of stuff, more than likely. Hindsight is 20/20, especially in MY case! I had way too much happen in a short period of time – no time to heal from one event without being hit with another thing. After the seizures, we understood my mouth a bit more, though it didn’t make it “better”, we could understand a few more of the rude comments!!!

Now, that all said… I am the only person who designs the site, posts on the site, and pretty much does everything relating TO the site. I will NEVER post anything derogatory, sexual in nature, mean, disrespectful, etc, etc, etc. here on this site. THIS is a crafty web site, it does not, NOR will it ever store credit card information within it. I do not tolerate people who do vindictive things to another person, whether it is for fun and games, or because they can’t stand stand them….. In the 2 months since this has been back up, I have over 600 attempts to get in.

I am hoping we have put a stop to it, and am looking in to other security “just in case” anything does happen. Should you find something, please do not hesitate to contact me further. I am moving forward in my life, and excited for the first time in a VERY long time to see where I can be in a year from now! A new grand-baby – family – relationships – laying to rest issues… down to Memories!

Until next time,

Lynda Jeffs, owner Memories in Tyme

Making Handmade Cards

Handmade card selection

When I first start to make cards, it normally will start with the papers I want to use. Is it a theme, such as a birthday….. Is it something basic like flowers or stripes that you can add other sayings with? This is where it all starts for me!

First, I look at the papers I want to use based on the reason for the project. I start to pull other papers to use to go with it, normally cardstock that matches and/or other patterned paper for a bit of visual interest or to use for my embellishments. This makes the piece more customized you might say, because some of the pieces you might use are scraps! And the papers change all the time anyway, so even if you use the same papers on another project or different papers on another project, it will turn out totally different than the first piece did.

I will normally start to pull all the rest of the things I want to use such as stamps – ink pads – die cuts or punches…things I plan on using for the project, again – based on theme! I pull more than I need out – because at the time, I’m not sure which one TO use! I do this for everything paper craft related I do, such as cards, scrapbooks, framed pages, mini albums, gifts as well!

If you have some sort of a design sheet, it will make it easier for you to keep track of the things you need to create! Mine includes:

  • Who is it for – I add either personal or the person I am making the project for
  • When is it needed – self explanatory – do I need to get it DONE, or am I okay to put it aside for a day or two
  • What are we creating – what is it we need to get done, an altered item with card, a mini album… what is it you are trying to create
  • Any details – as you think of something – a title, colors to use – embellishments, anything specific that will help you with the final project – listed here
  • Specific’s – what papers am I using, are there specific embellishments, sketches, that type of thing

If you have something a few months out, and you get inspiration for part of the project NOW, trust me, you won’t remember much of anything when you get ready to start the project. Keep track of it as you know you have something coming up!

I hope this will help you get more projects done that need to GET done! I am learning I need to get things done early as I procrastinate like you wouldn’t believe! Having a list, even though you might not need it RIGHT NOW – you will be glad you got it done when you did!

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Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme


Family, sometimes it isn’t what we pictured in our minds. Sometimes it is just the opposite. I have NO idea why, I just know I am not the only person this has happened to. My friends mean the world to me – they have gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life, and I owe them A LOT. In some aspects, more than I can ever mention or repay. And SOMETIMES – those family members, turn out to be the best of friends as well!!!

Whether you journal something – find a picture for a layout, make a card for someone…. spend the time today to reflect about family in YOUR life. I pictured something totally different for my life – a wonderful marriage with kids, a house, and working doing something I love. Yet I got something totally opposite of what I wanted… I got 3 marriages full of hate and anger, 3 wonderful kids out of the mix, no house, and working my ass off for what I have now. I got just the opposite of what I wanted, but exactly what I needed in life to help me grow as a person.

What on EARTH do I mean by that. I had to learn to be LYNDA – not mom, not sister, not friend, not scapegoat………. LYNDA….. I had to learn what I was capable of doing, I had to learn how strong I was – and WHY I am the way I am. Reflections come when you need them the most, because it helps you to see the ENTIRE picture of things!

Today – spend time reflecting… Just pick some paper up and write – spend time in who YOU are – where you came from, childhood – spend time in documenting. I don’t know much of anything about my family, let alone Del’s (my husband). His dad died when he was 16, so he knows less than NOTHING about who he was or who they even are. That’s sad… I also know I have found a LOT of information by people spending time in writing down stories they heard. I have found a bunch of information like this on which has been priceless for me to learn more not only about my family, but his as well.

Until next time,

Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme

Cricut Explore air 2

Cricut Explore Air 2 – my new toy

Cricut Explore Air 2

This year, I had my 20th anniversary and Mothers Day within days of each other. I am a mom of 3 adult kids – raised and on their own for the most part, and together for this long with my husband. This year – we decided to go look for a new Cricut die cut machine for me as a gift for both – and this is the one I wanted!!! This little beauty does it all….and I am SOOOOO glad I got it!

I spent a bit of time researching this particular machine and the one at the price point just above this one. The ONLY difference, is the stuff you can cut with the other machine are more heavier materials! This machine, will cut exactly what I need it to cut, without having to go to the other size at the moment! I might eventually upgrade it, but right now, this does exactly what I want it to do!

First thing I like – is the colors they have available for the machine. I was able to pick up this beautiful mint color, but you want to check your local stores for what they have in their selection as they will have different colors at each location.

You also might want to check the website directly – I found great information for shopping (great specials by the way) and information about the product itself!!! I purchased mine at my local Michael’s store, well worth the price I spent!!! I have another goodie I bought, and honestly, can’t wait to review that set of items as well, make sure you check back for that post!

Cutting dial

For the dial, I simply LOVE the various “things” you can cut – making so many one of a kind creations of your own! From paper, to cardstock, and not just one size fits all cardstock! Now, with the cardstock section, you have the “light cardstock” feature for more double sided papers lets say and then a cardstock feature for the heavier cardstock. You can also do vinyl, iron on’s, poster board and bonded fabric as well!!! It also has a custom feature so you can cut your own images as well!

Writing function

So for this part, in your cartridges, you have fonts and things that is for writing only. They also have various colors of markers available for you to use. Basically, with the fonts available to you, you can create your own saying – and have it printed out from the marker instead of cut out, color it with chalks, markers or colored pencils. Oh ya, can you imagine the things you can do with this! A lot of fonts available for this, you would be surprised! If there is something you like – cut it out and color it all in! LOVE this feature!

Along with the pen, there is a drawer up front, concealed of course (check out the next picture for more details)! I love how I can put things in that are only needed for the machine, and conceal them, only using when I absolutely have to! Also wonderful to keep extra blades in it – more markers you purchase, etc. *Note, make sure you watch for those coupons from your local craft stores for products like this you can purchase in order to save money!

A lot of storage in this, a lot of various things you can do with it as well. Customized presents for people, save a bit of money… Got a wedding or baby shower, do customized invitations and all the decorations with it! Have fun and make sure you share with me AND Cricut what YOU end up creating.

**Note – I AM an affiliate for Cricut – this machine was bought with my OWN money, no specials or anything coming back to me. THIS is my honest opinion about something I have loved for a while! I hope you are cool with that!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lynda Jeffs

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