Easy Tips To Recycle

Recycle Everyday Things

When it comes to doing paper crafts, you can make a lot of neat one of a kind gifts for your friends and family!  Look at everyday things that you would normally throw away, and see what you can create out of it!!!!  

Things you can recycle:

  1. Cans – these beauties can be used for so many different things!   A pencil (or anything) holder for one, great to hold smaller like items in!!  Larger cans such as coffee cans, make wonderful present (of any type) holders!  You can put a lot of stuff in one coffee can!!!!   Cover them and add plants to them!!!  Decorate and use in the bathroom, kitchen or office!  Put markers in them, crayons, colored pencils even and add to a kid’s art table!  Use for your creative storage, changing the colors as you need to!!! (139)
  2. Boxes – another one of those things you can do so many things with!  Use them on the bottom of your drawers to hold your small stuff in!!!  Put different sizes in or all the same size depending on your needs!!!   For shoe boxes, use decoupage glue, your favorite paper and you have personalized storage containers!  Use the same size cereal boxes, cut the side piece (one of them) so there is 1/3 at the bottom of the box, and use it for magazine holders! 
  3. Plastic containers like above, can be used for candy jars for special people!  Or put a bunch of small things in there with a gift card!  Store ribbon or embellishments even!  
  4. Large jars make great storage for buttons, ribbon (by color), pens, pencils (all kinds!!!  Put a gift in it, such as kitchen utensils, or things for your fingers and toes, like polish!!!  
  5. Drink holders, 6 pack or 4 packs, and use for presents!!!!!

Get your own list of recycled stuff you can use, and as always, share with me what you are doing!!!

Lynda Jeffs, 
Memories In Tyme

Monthly Challenge

Get Er’ Done

Hello my favorite creative people!!!  Long time, no blog posts!!!  Well, that is about to change!!!  Much going on in the Jeff’s house in the past 6 months, more life changing than anything!  But that is for another post!!!!!

Right now, it is THAT time, time to look at our calendars!!!  With the Covid virus, your list might be a bit different than it normally is!  You might have more cards to make and send out, or gifts to get started on that might save you some time!!!  I will have a few things you can think about creating ahead of time at the end of the post!

  • Look at the next 6 weeks until the middle of June!  What kind of events do you have during this time?
  • Look at the next 3 months, until the end of July!  What other events do you have that needs to be looked in to?
  • Look in to the next 6 months, until the end of November!  What do you have coming up you can start to look in to here?  
  • Last, look at the whole year, until the end of April!  What can you add to your calendar as far as events and things?  (203)

As you look at your list, what needs to get done soon?  What will take the most time IN creating?  Can you handle more than one project at a time, or can you do more than one?  Use up what you have at home, don’t spend unless you have to!!!  Even then, try to shop online!!!  Join me this week in a fun birthday idea with cards!!!

Lynda Jeffs
Memories In Tyme

December Thoughts and Plans

I’m not sure about you guys, but wow, I can’t believe it is December already!  I’m not sure how it all happened, but here we go, almost in to a new year!  This post is a bit of everything – from planning to reflecting…of course “Memories in Tyme” style!  

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, what did you think of the date this year?  I don’t remember when it was this late in the month, and not sure I like it being this close to Christmas!!!  Yet this year, was more of a special year, first time around my family in 12 years!!!  Challenge or two to document this years events:

  • What are YOU grateful for this year?
  • What did YOU do this year – and who did you spend it with?

 If you are one of those “planner folks” – grab your planner and sit down and lets get to work!  If you aren’t – get whatever YOU like to plan your life with and lets get started! 

  • Look at the next 6 weeks or until 1/15/2020 for what you have going on
  • Next look at the next 3 months – or until end of February 2020
  • Last look at the next 6 months – or until end of May 2020 

Look at events, holidays, special times, plan out date nights, visits – things in YOUR life that you want to enjoy!  Remember life is too short, spend it with people who make you want to do better in your life, and not those who bring you down by their very presence!  

Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda – Memories in Tyme


Buying Handmade Cards

I have made cards for 29 years now!  I remember my first project, my daughter’s birth announcements made out of cardstock and a Disney stamp!  How ironic she loves Disney stuff – even now!   From that first project until right now – I love making cards! 

All of my cards I make are one of a kind!  A lot of times I can’t create the same thing twice even IF I use the same supplies on both projects!  Each order will come with a free gift as well!  
Cards are sold as follows:

  • Individual cards – $3.00 each 
  • 5 – $12.50
  • 10 – $25.00
  • 15 – $37.50
  • Box of cards 20 – $40.00  (no box, 22 cards instead)

We have different themes available – pick what you want and need! All cards are one of a kind, no two are alike for the most part!  I try to do each one a little bit different if I can, by placement or details!  If you are looking at more custom work, let me know and we will come up with a good price! 

Cards you have to choose from:

Baby (boy, girl, either)
Get Well
Note cards (packs/individual)
Thank you
Thinking of you/Friendship
Holiday (various)
To get cards ordered – until my web site is up and running, send an email to memoriesintyme@gmail.com with a CC to lyndajjeffs@gmail.com!  That way, I get it at either email!  Make sure in the subject line you put HANDMADE CARD ORDER in bold letters, that way I see it in any of my folders! 
Get your orders in early for boxes of cards to give as Christmas presents!  The earlier the better for sure!  There are times I simply do NOT have the energy to create thanks to my new health issue!  As for Christmas cards and tags to put on your gifts, make sure you email me with detailed info to get your order started!!!!  Info is in the link!
Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda, Memories in Tyme  


Oh No, I Don’t Have Enough Paper

There is nothing worse than getting in the middle of a project and you do not have enough paper to do what you want!  I have been in the middle of something and I need just a little bit more cardstock of a certain color, and there is none left!  That is NOT going to happen, not on the PERFECT project!!!  

I don’t want to use a whole piece of cardstock if I am only needing a small piece!  This is why I save all of my scraps of paper, because there will be that one time, I have the perfect scrap for the project!  Besides, you can’t see the back side of a sheet of paper!!!!!!  

With this particular set of cards, I needed a bit more black for a basket!  I will share the finished project on another post, but they really are turning out cute!  Anyway, I knew I needed a bit more of the black, but didn’t have anymore of this color!  So, I cut the inside of the back sheet of cardstock and got enough paper to do the baskets and heart punch pieces I needed!  

I will also have another cost saving tip when I share the card with you!  Hopefully that will be in tomorrow’s post!  I hope this will help you save the perfect project, and a bit of money while you are at it!!!

Until next time, 
Lynda, Memories in Tyme

Christmas Cards and Tags

We have some Christmas cards ready to go for anyone who is ready to start that project!  The more you purchase, the more we will discount for you!  Some of them have 4 cards, and others might only have 1 or 2 left over!  If you are looking for something all the same design, make sure you get on my list this year!  Designing starting soon, and first come first serve!   

We also have tags ready to go if you want to grab a few now!  You can always come back for more if you need to!  The more you buy this season, the more you will save!!!  If you want more customized designs, let me know and I can get with you on prices!!! 

Yes, I am a Merry Christmas kind of gal, but we can do Seasons Greetings if you want!  Let me know when you place your order!   If you have a design you like, but want it tweaked a bit, we can do that as well!  If you have your own paper that you want me to use, let me know and your price will be cheaper!  If you are ready to learn how, we will have a class and designs added soon that you can follow!  Buy your own style of stuff to work with, and basic directions from me, and your cards will be one of a kind just like mine!  If you simply love the idea itself and want to recreate it yourself, feel free!  

If you are ready to order – send a message to memoriesintyme@gmail.com with a CC to lyndajjeffs@gmail.com to get started!  For the subject line, put HANDMADE CHRISTMAS CARDS/TAGS (yes, in bold letters) so it is easier for me to see!    

Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda, Memories in Tyme 

Altered Notebook –

Altered notebooks are a lot of fun to do, and great for various things!  Awesome to customize to anyone getting one!  Add a bookmark, or a few corner bookmarks, and it makes the entire collection PERFECT!!! 

With school being right now, you will see a lot of composition notebooks going on clearance!  Watch for them, you can pick them up for cheap once they go on clearance!  Pick up a bunch instead of spending at least $1, then you can use them as you need to! 

The notebooks above were specially made!  My niece, before she died…..asked me to make 2 notebooks, one for her, and one for her best friend Jessie, who has epilepsy!  She wanted them alike but different!  Being diagnosed with epilepsy almost a year ago, makes me appreciate the color that much more!  She simply wanted a place for Jessie to put down her thoughts! 

For a notebook like this, you will need:

  1. A composition notebook
  2. 1 sheet 12 x 12 paper cut in half
  3. 1 sheet 6 x 12 cardstock for the spine
  4. Embellishments for the front of the notebook
  5. Scraps for corner bookmarks 

If you search for altered notebooks, you will find a bunch of ideas, as well as the directions if you need them!  Share what you have made with us!  I would love to see what others do with their creations!

Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda, Memories in Tyme

Life and Labor Day

Hello everyone!  Today is Labor Day, one of those days off work for me, being able to spend some time creating is nice for me!  Reflecting on what I used to do in the past when I was a child, and thinking about how much it has all changed the past 10 years or so!  

I want to do something a bit different…..  For some things, you need a layout, others a mini album, and others a framed page!  For things like this, if you don’t have a picture to go with your thoughts, then grab a notebook…alter it, and start to get your thoughts down at least!  You don’t need to scrapbook everything!  

Life is about memories, making them and remembering them!   Life is also very short, and the older you get, time flies that much faster!  

Here is a challenge or two for you all:
  • What does Labor Day mean to you?  Is it the family get together’s, or is it much deeper than that?  
  • Your life RIGHT NOW! What have you accomplished, not accomplished…are you better off than you thought you would be, or not so much?  Is it all you have asked for…or left little to be desired?  
I am going to make an altered notebook, and start to document the things in my past, as well as WHO I am in it!  When I get my notebook done, I will share with you the finished project, for now – I will share the above notebooks, in a new post!  I hope you join me in this journey the next little while!  You never know where it might lead us!

Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda, Memories in Tyme

Get ‘Er Done Challenge

Long time, no see!!!  I have needed to take a bit of a break from blogging, and simply create instead!  Right now, I have created some really amazing cards I can’t wait to share with you!  We will cover it all, from ideas to shopping places and tips, all things paper craft related!!!  For now, let’s get started in looking at what is coming up in your life!!!  

How do you organize your life?  Do you have a planner you use, an app on your tablet or phone, Outlook calendar (or similar), or just plain pen/pencil, paper, and a calendar?  Please share any of your favorite organizing tips, apps, tricks, etc. that you can think of!  Let’s get ‘er done!!! 

  • Start to look at your calendar for the next 6 weeks!  This gets you to the middle of October!!!  What needs to be completed, purchased, planned for, or done during this time?  
  • Next look at the next 3 months, until the end of November!  I know there are a lot of holidays coming up during this time, do you need to plan for anything other than the holidays, get it on the list!
  • Next, look at Christmas!  Start to look at what you want to bake, gifts to make, cards to make or buy!  Do you have any parties you need to go to, or plan for?  Get a list going on what you need to purchase, and a budget to work with!  
  • Next look at the next 6 months, until the end of February!  What other events and things do you have that you can get started on doing or planning?  

After the year I have had with my health, I have learned a lot!  I almost died twice, that sobers a person, let me tell you!  It has taken me a bit of time to process, let go of things, and learn to be Lynda again!  Life is too short otherwise!  I am planning a quote album!  Watch for a post soon!

Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda, Memories in Tune


I’ve known Kris since high school – we never hung out or anything, but I knew who she was!  Little did I know what she was going through behind the scenes – away from school!  Fast forward to Facebook – LOL but a bunch of us from high school are friends!  Really nice way to connect with past friends, and make new one’s as well!  

I reached out to Kris – she had posted something on Facebook…  I was going through a really hard time with a few things…and needed help!  Something told me she was the person I needed!  She had a 21 Day Challenge she was starting, so she “gifted” it to me!  It came at the PERFECT time, let me tell you!  

Kris’ challenge  – well, it truly has done a LOT for me personally…

  • It got me to get out of my comfort zone – put myself out there a bit more.
  • She taught me that I could do ANYTHING I put my mind to.
  • She taught me to work hard at what I DO want, and not let anyone tell me otherwise.
  • It has helped me to heal, in ways I never thought possible.
  • It has taught me to plan more!
  • It taught me to stop saying I can’t – and instead say “I will figure it out”!
  • It has especially taught me that I can’t worry about what others’ say, and instead will worry about what I know and what I want!

This video was made a while ago – posted on my old website!  I don’t care if you are in a rut, or just wanting to change a few things in your life…next time she has a workshop, you should take it!  It is WELL worth the price!  

Kris – thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to find myself!  Only this time, I’m coming back better and stronger!  I refuse to let anyone walk all over me again!  I am thankful for the things I have dealt with in life, and the mended relationships I have found because I HAVE FOUND PEACE!  Love you bunches my friend – here’s to OUR futures!  

Thanks for stopping by,

                                                                     Lynda –