Organizing Your Home With Totes –

Essential Storage Tote

I have been working on organizing my craft space, and stumbled upon this company that is helping me to make a bit of money AND organize the spaces in my home, including my craft space!!!  They have key pieces I can purchase to add to the other pieces I have made – the recycled shoe boxes, the shipping boxes, and my Project Life boxes (blog post to follow) to start with!  Each piece I purchase will go with the pieces I have made, and will help to keep myself organized and able to get more done in the long run (or so I hope)!!!  The best thing I like is being able to customize the pieces I purchase, with the spaces I need to organize!!!  
I am excited for the end result – because I truly am getting more done right now by organizing as I have!  As I organize one thing – I move things around, or decide if I truly am going to use something again.  I am in the middle of organizing/reorganizing my stamps back into something I used to do – and made more sense!  I might just get even MORE done now that I am doing this!  Next up – finding a key piece of furniture that I can re-purpose (a wardrobe) in order to put all of my shoe boxes, shipping boxes, and containers I purchase into one place, as well as 2 bookcases to put my books and things on, with a table on for my work space!!!  Between those 2 pieces, I think I can truly start to get a lot of things done crafting wise!  Now I just need to figure out how to manage my time, LOL!!!  

February Specials

Now – if you want to order anything, simply click the link, and you can shop away on my site!  Each month is a great special – order $35 and you can purchase a wonderful product for an AMAZING PRICEYou can check out the specials page here, and click on one of the options for a show you can add your order to that makes sense for you!  With Easter coming up, you have some DARLING items you can use in place of a traditional “basket” they will never use again!     

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Project Life – Memories in Tyme Style

I have so many projects rolling at once, I’m not sure if you guys are like this or not…but wow – I feel like I am all over the place right now!  The next few months is going to be really busy for me in all aspects of my life – and very much a deciding factor in what is next for me!  I am excited, happy – and really looking forward to all the hard work coming up next for me and my family let me tell you!  
So, with all this work I am doing right now, how do I document things so I can see the day to day stuff that was done in order to get me where we are in a year from now?  I want to see the things done – the events we did – the education we took – the driving we did to places during our journey this year, I want it all documented so I can keep all of the little details from the year in one place!
For last year – I still have to go back through my Facebook account – my emails – and my photos on my phone, in order to document some of the things we did… NOT a good way to do things, I will tell you!  I have my Project Life stuff ready to go, and I am ready to start this project, but this years “things” will be done a bit differently!!!!  

Now comes the challenge for those of you who – like me – have purchased stuff, but haven’t started really (or have only started a few pages):

  • Organize the stuff you have bought or that will go perfectly with your Project Life album and put it all in once place
  • Start your beginning pages – AT LEAST do the title page, and a page to introduce your album this week
  • Take pictures as you go throughout your week this next week – jot down things you want to remember – dates, times, etc…  You can always get the details added to the album first – the picture can come later
  • Find a few sites that will help you with your journey – I have my Pinterest page here and I use it more than anything for pictures and links to things I want to keep

I hope you will join me this year in detailing your life!  Project Life makes it really easy to get the whole family involved in picking out the items that will go in the pockets – down to the pictures you select to go with that memory!  All the details of when one of your kids said something funny or memorable, or your husband did something – or your best friend…  All those times in your life when you simply wonder IF you will get through – detail them in Project Life!  It’s not just about the good times, this helps with the set backs too!  

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A Simple Update

LOL but we all know how challenged I am with time – how things just simply don’t get done like I really want them to!  Right now, I am working more on getting things made to take to an event, than I am making things for myself!  Between that and the planning things out, things are simply just NOT going the way I want them to go for this blog!  Plus I am getting the web site planned out – so way more is being done on that end of things, than in creating for myself to be able to share things with you!
I will have a fun blog post up on the Creative Paperclay Design Team blog tomorrow, tips working with Delight and Creative Paperclay products!  I also have a fun notepad holder made out of Delight product – you can check out the post here, and then check back tomorrow for my tips!!!  Fun product to work with for sure!     
So – that said, I will be having some online classes ready to go the next month to start up in April!  Stampin’ Up has wonderful products for you to choose from, and a new catalog coming up by June!  I will be running fun specials between now and the new catalog, and for every purchase over $100 during that time period, you will get a new catalog sent to you when it comes out!  

Organizing – if you are looking at organizing your creative space, house, kids’ rooms, etc. etc. etc…. check out my site here!!!  I will be adding a party to go through monthly – and for all orders placed within my monthly party, will have a drawing for all the hostess credits!!!!  I want my space to look good – I want my supplies to be in things that not only look good, but can be used for other organizing items if I need to!  Watch each month for really amazing specials if you spend a certain amount!  I love the fabrics you can get – and the personalization for sure!!!  I can’t wait to get a few things ordered this next month!!!!  
So – hopefully things will start to go good in the next few weeks as I am getting ready for my event!  Lots of fun things to make, classes to organize and stuff to purchase!  Everything is coming together as I have planned for years, and for that I am so very happy!  I can’t wait to see where I end up being in a year from right now – this is JUST the beginning!  

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Memories in Tyme     

Recycling Shoe Boxes

I love to do paper crafts of all kinds, cards – scrapbooks – mini albums – bookmarks – whatever!!!!  I also love to recycle things in order to save money and make my space look really neat!  We have talked a bit about organizing – if you check out this post here, you will get a bit more about what I am working on personally to make my space more organized and get more done!   

Back to the recycling things…I have a few shoe boxes that were just dying to get altered LOL – and altered they did get!!!  I found the PERFECT papers – along with Mod Podge glue and created 2 of the cutest containers to put things in!  One has ribbons in – the other, simply has everything I am using for my Project Life!!!  I can’t wait to get the other one done I have right now – they really hold a lot of items in one!!!   

This one hold ribbon and such!

Supplies needed:
Shoe box
Mod Podge glue and brush
Papers of your choice (see below for sizes)
Paper trimmer

Step one:  Find the shoe box you want to use – measure the papers you want to use for each piece!  I used 12 x 12 papers for my boxes, 2 coordinating sheets. 
Step two:  Trim your papers to fit the shoe box – if you are using a standard size for adults, cut the following papers.  2 sheets 6 x 12, 2 more sheets 6 x 12 to coordinate with the other sheet (see above) 1 10.5 x 12 (for lid) 2 pieces 2.5 x 12 (for lid).  **TIP – some lids have longer tops – you might need to add an 1″ or so to the lid pieces for it to work**

This one holds my Project Life stuff!

Step three:  Start to add the glue to the sides of the shoe box first – and then add the front piece after that.  When you get to the back of the box – start at the bottom adding the paper to continue to the top of the box.  Add the final piece from the top down to the front of the lid to finish it up. 

Step four: Add the Mod Podge glue to the entire piece to finish it all up!  I started working at the top first, then working my way down from there.  **TIPto hold open the lid as you work on the bottom half – use a ruler!!!  
I really love how they both turned out, the colors matching everything else I am doing for my storage space!  Each piece I create and re-purpose, helps me as I am organizing my stuff!!!  I put like items with like items, and as I look at everything, I am either keeping it or adding it to my pile of things to get rid of!  It is the re-organization process that is fun right now for me – finding things I have wanted to do for a long time now!!!  

As you go shopping this year – look at the things you normally would throw away – the inserts, the boxes, the cans…and look at what you can do to organize your own items just like this!  Adding other fun baskets and things, your space will truly be YOURS!!!  I hope you join me!!! 

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Memories in Tyme 

February Planning Challenge

I can’t believe we are already in the second month of 2017 – time really goes fast when you think about it!  This month, I want to spend the time getting things done for March – I have a goal, and right now, I can see how really far behind I am!  I hope these challenges help you as much as they do me!!!  Lets get started!!!  
Technology right now, makes it so that you truly can keep all your stuff on your smart phones or tablets if you have one!  Usually pen and paper is really good for me – being able to cross things off a list helps me to see I really am getting things done!  (LOL when I actually get things done that is!!)  So – grab your favorite organizing items – pen/paper, tablet or smart phone, calendar – and lets get this party started!!!  

  • Take a look at the next 6 weeks – until the middle of March.  What types of things do you have going on that you need to get done, purchased, created, looked at – birthdays, events, holidays…  
  • Next take a look at the next 3 months – until the end of April.  What other things do you need to add to the list…
  • Last look at your calendar until the end of July.  

I have decided since I am so far behind, I am going to simply get stuff ready RIGHT NOW – the other stuff, will be as I can finish them up!  One thing is for sure – I don’t want to go another month without getting everything done that I truly NEED TO – before I have to!  My list this month:

  1. Sympathy cards – I am way past counting on this one!!!  (Insert sad face)
  2. Valentines day cards and gifts 
  3. Birthday for my oldest on 2/3
  4. Birthday for special person on 3/8
  5. Easter cards and gifts
  6. Mothers Day cards and gifts
  7. Items to sell at the Farmers Markets

I am hoping to get more done this month – and be able to share more than I have created!  I hate it when I get in those “moods” – where creating is the last thing I want to do!  Here is to a fun year this year – spent taking tons of pictures, making fun projects, and creating wonderful things for my friends and family!  

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Memories in Tyme 


New Years Resolutions and Projects

New Years is a time to reflect, and reflect I did…the good, the bad and the ugly for sure!  This year I plan to do better – different – get those things I have needed to get done  DONE, and shared too, more done early and mailed before the date!!!!  This month – we are going to be working on 2 different projects – pick and choose what you want to do, get your supplies put together, and lets get started!  

  • 2016 Year in Review – do a project – a layout or mini album with nothing but how last year went for you (if you did not do Project Life)!  
  • 2017 “Intentions” – what you want to accomplish by the end of this year – again a layout or mini album project!  

For this year – decide how you are going to do this years albums, join me in Project Life maybe, or just do the same thing you have been doing?  I want to document the whole year – the things we have going on, so by the end of THIS year – I can see the hard work actually documented – that good, bad and ugly!  
For my 2 projects – I am doing my 10 page mini album idea (2 of them for sale here and pictured above) to document my 2017 “Intentions” project and for my 2015 Year in Review (still not done)!  For my 2016 Year in Review, I will add it to  the beginning of my Project Life album that I am just starting out now!  Hopefully the things I have purchased and have right now, will help me to get more done with that style of album!  I hope you join me this month – today the first of the posts to get started…and your challenge for this week:

  1. Decide what you are going to do for YOUR project…what works for me, might not work for you!  Digital or paper – layout or mini album?  
  2. Look for the supplies you want to work with – if digital, do you have the page kit you want to use, or do you need to look at something else?  If paper – do you have supplies right now you can use, or do you have to find things to purchase?  

See you next week – we will start to work on the project at hand then!  

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Memories in Tyme

Saving Money and Organizing Creative Spaces

The past little while I have been going through my creative stuff – and re-organizing everything I own creative wise!  I am purchasing little key things that will ultimately help me with my entire space down the line, and making my space better to not only create more, but just get more done (while looking much better)!  A few more pieces – and my space will be complete for now!  

Some of the things I am doing that to start with:

  1. Shipping boxes turned in to storage, check out this post for more information and ideas!  Papers and embellishments used can be changed whenever you change the colors in your space!   
  2. Purchasing crates to put books in (and boy can you hold a lot of books in one) – and other supplies!  Making a really unique wall organizer that will hold all kinds of things in it, and can be easily moved and purchased a little at a time!   
  3. Re-purposing other storage items as I store things in other items.  This way I am not having to spend more money on more storage stuff, I am re-using things in different manors for different stuff!  
  4. Using and re-using baskets and bins as I do re-organize things in order to save money, just like the other storage items listed above!   

I have a few key pieces that will make my space complete for now – the bigger end of the items we shall say!  It will take a bit of “leg work” to decide the rest of the things I need  before I purchase them, so time spent at thrift stores and yard sales will be in the works for sure!  

  • Storage solutions and stability for the table such as 2 book cases for books and supplies in it!  (Could use cubbies as well for this – cheap at Target and Walmart!)
  • Chair that is comfortable to go with the table, that is tall enough, but not “too tall!  I have to be able to have a blanket with me as well, so possibly a stool with a back or???!!!!  
  • Wardrobe to put all my creative supplies in – in one place – making it easier to move and shut things in one place!   
It’s fun organizing so I can find all the things I have stashed away, or have wanted to use for a while!  This year I have a lot of things I would like to do…I can’t wait to see what all I end up getting done by the end of THIS YEAR!  I am organizing my creative space, my business space and my work space…..join me in making YOUR space perfect, won’t you!!!  
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Memories in Tyme

Happy New Year Planning Challenge

Happy New Year everyone – it’s the first of the year and so many things going on at once for me!!  Since we all know these challenges are more for me than for you, I do hope they are helping you out as well!!!  I have created an altered notebook for me to keep track of everything this year such as the personal’s for each person – what they want, like, need, favorite colors – things that will help me plan gifts out a bit better!!!  I hope this one little thing will help me to get organized and do what I want before I need them done!!!!  (I know, simple task, just not that easy when I procrastinate…)  This year – I have goals – and the only difference between a wish and a goal, is a goal is written down!!!    
So, get comfortable, and lets get this show started!!!   

  • Notebook to keep track of upcoming ideas and things you need to create, purchase and get ready for – 
  • Pencil/pen – eraser – highlighters
  • Smartphone or tablet (if you use these)

  1. Start with the next 6 weeks or at least until 2/11/17…  What do you have going on that needs to get taken care of, created, purchased, or looked at?  
  2. Now look at your calendar until the end of February – what do you have on your calendar that you need to get done?
  3. Look at events and things you will need to get started planning for the end of March – it really will be here before you know it!
  4. Finish up by looking at things you have in your life until the end of June – what all do you have that you need to get done – holidays, birthdays, events?  

For me – I have the 3rd anniversary of my niece‘s death in January – my son‘s birthday in February, and Valentines Day coming up, and a number of things that simply DIDN’T get done this past year!!!  Here’s to a better year this year – with more done – more blogged about – ways to save money – and more fun creative ideas!!!  Happy New Year to each of you!!!  

Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme 


Handmade 20 Page Mini Album

When it comes to picking out a handmade mini album, we have 10 page and 20 page mini albums, depending on the amount of photos you have to include!!  I have a few styles available right now – and each are made with even the smallest of details that make each album unique!  As my oldest son Ryan said the other day – even if I use the same supplies on projects, they won’t ever turn out the same!!!! 

I Love You

I have a few albums ready to go now – here are details about each album:

  1. LOVE – white, yellow, browns, with daisy embellishments throughout the project!  Front cover
    flips out to be able to add journaling or photos to, with plenty of
    interactive pieces through the rest of the pages.
  2. I Love You – colors used are mauve, pink and ivory with heart embellishments on a total of 18 pages that are ready for you to add your photos.  Not only you get the heart embellishments on each page, you also have titles on each page as well!  
  3. Camping – colors used are browns, greens and ivory ready for you to add camping related photos to!  Total of 23 different places for photos of various sizes, and places for journaling as well!  Fun camping related embellishments for this album!  
  4. Being Grateful – orange, brown, tan colors – with embellishments that are sure to  help you document anything you are grateful for!  Tags and places for 15 photos plus journaling too!            


Being Grateful


If there is anything you want to see more photos on such as the inside photos, let me know!  All albums are $35 including postage sent to you within the 48 states and a free gift with every purchase!  

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Happy Birthday Casey and a Challenge

Today is my “babies” birthday – 24 years old!!!  Casey and his sister – are 2 of those things I did right in life…in spite of everything I did wrong!  He taught me how to laugh, how to live again – he taught me that God really does have a sense of humor… and if he would have been my first – he would have been my ONLY child!!!  LOL

I remember going into labor on Christmas night – spending all night in the hospital – had an amnio the very next morning to see if his lungs were okay…  I had already had one with lung problems, and we knew he was going to be born early…so they gave me steroid shots to make sure they got developed okay!  Born 6 weeks early……he’s a fighter for sure!!!

Born the day after Christmas – my sister 4 days before…  She told me when I had him not to include his Christmas presents with his birthdays – and never to wrap his birthday in Christmas wrap!!!!  He gets everything one time of the year – and nothing the rest of it!!!  LOL  

This week – do something for an upcoming birthday, make a layout, a card, or a gift for someone’s birthday coming up!  Make a few birthday cards to give to someone on their birthday, or to just give out when you find out someone has a birthday!  Get all the birthday cards you need to get done for the next few month – DONE!!!!!  

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