Notecards made out of scraps of paper

Making cards is not hard, I’ve said it before…I will say it again, especially if you scrapbook anyway!   This card was made with scraps of paper (left over from a scrapbook mini album), punches and a few buttons to complete the look.  For the inside, you can always leave it blank to add a personalized note to it, or stamp a favorite saying to it instead!  This type of card can be made in any color, with any type of embellishment, punch, or die cut you have left over from a project you are working on. 
Supplies used: 
Card base w/envelope
Scraps of paper for the layers on the base of the card
Misc. Punches
Step one:  Cut the scraps of paper to fit the base of the card, layering one on top of the other,  place your adhesive down on the layers and place them on the card base.
Step two:  For this example, I used flower punches, and a heart punch for the leaves.  Decide how many punch pieces you want, and punch out the pieces. 
Step three:  Place the punch pieces on the card as you want it to look.  Using brads or buttons for the middle of the flowers, take a glue gun and adhere the flowers down on the card.   Using a green scrap of paper, punch a few hearts out, cutting in half for the leaf and place by the flower with the glue gun. 
Step four:  (Optional)  Take a saying stamp and stamp the saying on the inside of the card. 
That’s about it for cards!  You see, a simple project…that can be customized for anything!  I hope you enjoy this project, many more to come!  I also hope you like the new look of the blog!  This is thanks to Simply Stacie build a beautiful blog week!  I do book reviews for Stacie, and have fallen in love with her blog tremendously!  I have a link to hers and a couple of other fun blogs!  I hope you enjoy them! 
I am also going to be doing product demonstrations for Cricut here in Colorado!  I am extremely excited for this opportunity and can’t wait until I am able to show you some of the things I am planning on doing!   There is so much that is a work in progress in my head, it will be fun to play with this wonderful machine and tell you about it’s features!  Thank you for visiting Memories in Tyme blog…it’s been a while since I had an article, working on a few now!  I hope you enjoy this card idea, and show me what you’ve done! 
Lynda Jeffs,
Memories in Tyme



For those of you who would like to take a few minutes of your time…I will be doing a drawing, for one lucky winner to recieve a gift from be determined and announced at a later time.  I will be taking comments until the end of June! 

I am planning a few articles for Ezine articles this summer, as well as content for the web site.  If you are looking at wanting specific things covered in my articles, please let me know!  I am planning cheap ideas, beginner through advanced ideas, as well as scrapbooking and card making ideas.  Anything you would like to see, even if it sounds strange, please let me know!  This can be done by the contact us area on my web site, or email me/send me a message on my blog or Facebook. 

I am also planning challenges and product reviews, tell me what types you are interested in, or what you DON’T like in the challenges.  Products will be reviewed from things I use on a daily basis…or things that have been sent for me to review, such as the Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 software.   If you have a product you would like me to review, please contact me! 

Thanks guys, if there is anything you would like to see Memories in Tyme cover, let me know!  I love suggestions, and at least it gives me items that you are looking for!  Thank you all and have a wonderful weekend!

Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme
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Grandma’s Watch

Grandma Tuckett’s watch….the one piece of jewelry that I got when she passed away.  At the time I needed a “watch”, but it was too special to me to wear it, so in a layout it went instead.  
For this layout, I chose a picture of my grandma that I really liked…this was her, her expression, her smile and her glasses!  You knew she loved you every single time she came to your house, or you had the pleasure of going to hers!   Oh how I miss her hugs! 

The journaling I used was handwritten, to reflect my thoughts about her, and my love for her.  I chose simple embellishments, the crochet butterfly reminded me of her blankets she used to crochet for us grandkids when we were little.  

When I started with this layout, it was the embellishments that first caught my eye.  I wanted something special for this layout, and I definitely achieved the look!  This can be tweaked in a number of different ways and themes! 
For help with colors, I use a simple color wheel!  I like how you can find colors that go together and use colors that you might not normally use!   For me, the colors in the embellishments were the colors I went with, adding a cream color for the journaling and background of the whole layout. 


Cream cardstock – 3 sheets
Purple cardstock – 2 sheets
Green cardstock – 2 sheets
Purple marker for journaling
Buttons, flowers or other items for the tags
Floss in cream, purple and green for the tassles
Tags, 1 green, 1 cream (can be handmade tags)
Title – using stickers, die cuts or templates to create
Step one:  Taking the purple cardstock, cut the top and side by 1″ each on each of the pages, place them on top of the cream cardstock.  Place the extra cardstock aside for use when you make the tags. 
Step two:  Mat the photo on green cardstock, and then on cream cardstock.  
Step three:  Make your tags using scraps of the green and cream colored cardstocks.  If you need a template for one, search the internet for one you like, or simply cut the top of it using a ruler as a guide.  Add the embellishments you have selected, and a splash of color with small shapes cut with your scissors out of the purple to tie the colors together. 
Step four:   Create your title cutting a 1″ strip across the top to place your alphabet on.  For this example, I used my sisters Quickutz Alphabet (unknown as to which one, any alphabet sticker or die cut will do) to create the title.  
Step five:  Start to do your journaling, first with pencil, lightly spelling out what you want to say.  This helps to make sure you have enough space left over for all of what you want to write.  Go over it with the purple marker, and erase anything left over by the pencil.  Mat this in green, and place on the layout. 
Step six:  If you haven’t done so already, start to use your adhesive to place the items down on the page.  
This is the type of layout that can be tweaked to be what you want it to be.  I used my Grandma’s watch, you can always use buttons as the special embellishment, or something else from her home!  Enjoy this layout, and with anything please give me credit!  
Lynda Jeffs,
Memories in Tyme 

Pieces of Me, layout idea


 Pieces of me…the beginnings of my Book of Me!  Doing a Book of Me album (or All About Me as some people call it) is actually a lot of fun.   When I first started doing my album, I wanted to do layouts that reflected WHO I am.  I didn’t want to just do layouts about my family, though they are important too!    Angie Pedersen started the Book of Me, and has also wrote the Book of Us and Growing Up Me.  She can be found at if you want to locate her book, or for other challenges she might have.  Some of the challenges I will do is based on her book, others will be from some of the other challenges I have found!  
I will be giving links to other sites that have found along my journey of creating my Book of Me.  What this album taught me is that throughout the things I have been through, scrapbooking is a wonderful therapy tool!  It also taught me that I can scrapbook something “other” than my family for once, and have fun doing it. 
One of the things to look at when you are starting this type of album is how do you want it to look?  Do you want the colors to match, or does that actually matter?  For me, you will notice I didn’t care that the colors actually match.  If I were to do another album, I might want it all to look the same, just to see how that would turn out versus a look of what you see is what you get type of thing! 
Normally I will give you a step by step direction of how to complete the page.  In this case I am not going to do that with this layout.  I will give you how I did things, and if you want exact directions, please feel free to email me!   
For the colors in this one, I used blues, cream, and wheat which for me turned out beautiful.  I have used these colors before in a wonderful project of my Grandparents, so for me I love these type of colors.  For the title, I used a template and then layered the individual words to create a unique look.  Though you can’t see it, I used a Navy marker to create stitch marks around the individual letters.  
For the photo, I used a photo that was not as good looking to use it normally, but when I cut it into 1″ squares it made the photo look much better.  I then framed the photo using the colors in the layout. 
For the bottom, I chose to use stamps that represented what I like.  Images, words and my name completed the look, all images stamped in Navy to match the rest of the layout. 
I would say this layout would be more intermediate-advanced, but someone who was just starting out could also do this type of layout just by tweaking a few things!  The key here is to do what YOU like, using items YOU want…besides, this book is All About YOU! 

Card idea

Mothers Day is right around the corner, so here is a card you can recreate for your own “mother”, friend, or sister!  

I always like quick and easy when I am making things.  I use sketches at times, but normally I just “wing it”.  If you “google” card sketches, you will find blogs and sites all around full of card sketches you can use to follow.  

In this example, I used 3 stamps and embossing powder…that’s it!  Embossing is not hard to do, you need a small heat gun to heat the powder, that’s about it.  I picked mine up on sale, those wonderful 40% off coupons you can get work wonderful for this, it will then make the purchase less.  However, things like this make great gifts, sending these links to your friends and family.  is for the gun and this is for the powder.  I use black, gold and some silver more than anything…  I might use a color or two, but it depends on what project I am working on! 

Supplies needed: 
Cardstock for the base, 2nd color for the top part
Stamps 2 sayings, 1 flower (or other type of shape)
4 brads
Embossing powder
Ink pad
Glue gun

Step one:  After gathering your supplies, ink your shape and start to stamp at the top part of the card.  You will need to use embossing ink or pigment ink for this, and stamp fairly quickly to be able to get the embossing powder on. 
Step two:  Put the embossing powder on the ink, letting it slide all across the card so each of the stamped images come to life.  Make sure to tap off the excess.  
Step three:  Taking your embossing gun, emboss the gold.  You will start to see the images change to a more solid color as it is heated up.  
Step four:  Taking the saying stamp, stamp on the bottom and emboss as well.  
Step five:  Taking the gold ribbon and place it in the middle of the card.  Make a bow and also put that on, with the charm in the middle.  
Step six:  Using a piece of the color used on the base, create your last piece.  Stamp the image and again, emboss it.  Place it on the card with the 4 brads.  

This card can be tweaked for Fathers Day, using more masculine colors…and made especially for your husband, father, or sons!   The card below was the original card I made as a Thank You card, then I tweaked for the Mothers Day card. 

So, as you see, you can change the look of cards just by using what you have available.  With anything I make, recreate, enjoy and give me credit for it!  Have a great day, and enjoy this card! 

Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

One of my favorite Scrapbook books…

My Creative Companion 2 is one of my favorite books that Creating Keepsakes put out.   I love Becky Higgins anyway, but this book really has it all.  I never did get the first book, but if she ever does a 3rd MCC, I would be the first in line to buy it! 

The first thing I like about this book is the fact it is smaller and well organized for you to use.  By using this book, you are able to really get a kick start on the items you want to create, simply grab your photos and start to go through the book to get a few ideas for your own project.

The second thing about this book is everything is color coordinated, tabbed, and with layout examples included in each section.  The chapters included are accents, borders, journaling and titles, layout design, photo mats, odds & ends, my ideas and then color coordinated stickies to flag certain items you are working on.  

This book is currently on sale at–My-Creative-Companion-2.htm for $11.99.  Great for mom for Mothers Day, or for yourself!  Add to it a few supplies you pick up on sale, and a basket from the $1 store, and you are done!  

As you look at the book, you will find embellishments, or titles that you want to recreate.  This gives you the basic idea for it, tweak as you need to, with what you have available to you!  If you see a certain thing you want to do, but don’t have all the exact supplies, learn to tweak it a bit!  It’s not about spending all this money, but about putting your memories down on paper! 

I hope you enjoy this great book, show me some of the projects you have made, or tell me your favorite part of the book if you have it! 
Lynda Jeffs,
Memories in Tyme

Very easy card idea

Cards are easy to do, and can be customized by using favorite colors or a favorite saying even.  They can be made with scraps of paper oftentimes, making it a cheap card.   With the card you see here, the colors match from the saying and heart to the pinks in the card.  I added a bit of ribbon and lace, with a handmade buckle embossed to match. 

You can change the colors, use birthday background paper, with a Happy Birthday saying and an image stamp to match!     Look for small saying stamps with small image stamps to match, the squares are all the same size to make it easier when putting it together. 

The fun part of this card was the buckle made out of a soda pop top and embossing powder to match!  This can be done with just about any color of embossing powder you have that can match the paper you are using. 

Supplies needed: 
Card back
Background paper in 2 coordinating colors
Image and saying stamps
Ink to match
Ribbon and lace
Step one:  Taking the card back, cut the background papers so that you leave a bit of the other colors underneath the next layer.  (See photo)
Step two:  Cut 3 squares 1.5 x 1″ with 1 of the background papers layered for the right side of the card. Taking the 2 stamps, ink your stamp with the stamp pad and stamp on two of the squares. 
Step three:  Attach the squares with the button in the middle of the three squares. 
Step four:  Taking embossing powder, heat the pop buckle before you dip in embossing powder.  You might have to dip the buckle 2-4 times to get the right color, make sure you don’t over heat the powder. 
Step five:  Attach the ribbon to the buckle, and then attach to the card using hot glue. 
I hope you enjoy this card, and with everything, please make sure if you recreate to give me credit! 
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

Product review

Scrapbooking can be expensive….the album, papers, embellishments for the album, and then the adhesive to finish it up.    Since I started scrapbooking, I wanted all the same things everyone else had, but I couldn’t afford, so I had to do my own thing.   I try to look for things that are cost effective, that will allow me to finish up a project in little time, and maybe have extras left over to do a card or two. 

For those of you who have Wal-Mart stores close to you that still have the craft area in them, look for what they have available to you!  Colorbok has put together kits, the one I purchased was $19.99, it has the 12 x 12 album, 16 sheets of paper, punch out accent pieces, photo matts, stickers, border strips, buttons and ribbon…all ready to finish up the album.  The greatest part of this album is the instruction booklet that comes with, to show you how to finish up the album itself.

The style I got was very feminine, more pastel colors that are pleasing on the eye.  Everything coordinates with each other and can take about an hour from start to finish, so it is not a project that will take you a long time to do.   As I look on their site, they have great kits available for just about any type of theme.  I like how this kit was put together, so that I can use it for a gift, or I can add other things to this and truly make it a one of a kind album! 

The link for Colorbok is attached, I hope you will request a catalog and visit them!  This is my own honest opinion about a product I purchased myself. 
Lynda Jeffs,
Memories in Tyme

All Star Kid

This layout was made very quickly, wanting to showcase the photos, not anything else.  Since I didn’t have a lot of embellishments to use for this one, in the colors I wanted to use, I chose to use a simple star punch to accent things.  This is a 30 minute or less layout for sure! 

When I started scrapbooking, I chose to scrapbook the photos that were more recent, instead of choosing photos from long ago.  The problem for me was trying to come up with journaling, or remembering things from that long ago to put on my layouts.  I worked on my younger childrens albums, while leaving my oldest sons album alone.  Now I regret that, as my memory about that time isn’t as good as it is now…I can’t remember the little things as much as I can now!    

This layout can be recreated in many different ways, with a child, or change the title and do a layout about the love between you and your spouse, or a birthday layout…there are many different ways you can change this, use a flower instead of the star, or find a perfect embellishment that means a lot, and use it on the layout, such as a button from your grandmothers stash of buttons!  Add to that a frame, and instantly you have a priceless gift, made for someone, out of something that is special between you!  

Scrapbooking isn’t about purchasing the top of the line stuff, it’s about getting your memories out on paper.  I used scrapbooking as a therapy tool, through a very hard time in my life…I am so glad I had it there for me!   I also don’t believe in spending a lot of money, especially in scrapbooking…..this is just one example of what I have been able to do! 

Now, onto how to “create” this easy layout!  

Supplies needed:  
1 sheet patterned paper
1 sheet coordinating solid paper
Punch in 2 different sizes
Alpha stickers
Step one: Using the placement of the layout above, place 3 photos across the middle of the paper, using adhesive, place them down.  
Step two:  Taking alpha stickers, place the title as you want it, either like the placement of the layout, or your choice.  
Step three:  Take a 1″ strip of paper and place across the bottom of the 3 photos.  
Step four:  Take the 2 punches and punch 5 pieces of 2 coordinating colors, placing 2 at the top and 3 on the strip.  
**Tip**  Use 12 x 12 paper even for 8.5 x 11 layouts.  Yes you have to trim down the edges, but it gives you a bit of extra color to work with if you need it, such as for the punches and the 1″ strip by the photos.  This way you are not using 2 sheets of 8.5 x 11 for this project.  Also check out your stash of scraps to see if you have the perfect scrap you can use instead! 
Start to look at ads you like in magazines, for the placement of the items.  Where they have written words, you would put your journaling, where they have photos, you would put your photos.  It sure helps when you have something to help place everything, so that it is pleasing to the eye! 
I thank you for visiting Memories in Tyme’s blog…I am planning a review or two this week on some great products!   Please let me know if there is anything special you are wanting to see…I am working on an easy Mothers Day project for you to create before Mothers Day for your mom!   I am also working on Anniversary cards, as it is my anniversary on May 8th…I will be married for 6 years, together for 10 this May!  So, if you need special ideas for an event coming up, or just need some help in getting an idea or two, let me know! 
Lynda Jeffs,
Memories in Tyme

Basic layout using stickers

 This layout was a very simple layout to do, using 4 photos, stickers and a bit of color in the ribbon and buttons!   Simple to recreate using any type of themed stickers and photos that match! 

In this layout, I wanted to showcase the photos more than the embellishments I used.  The colors were girlish, more to match the stickers, than anything in the photos. 

If you look at the flowers, I used buttons in the middle of the flowers, this is especially good if you have a certain color in the sticker that might clash with what you are doing. 

I am all for handwritten journaling on your pages instead of computer generated.  Yes, computer generated might “look” better, but you want to have some of your pages have your own words, your own handwriting on them.  This way, future generations can see how you wrote, and what you had to say, instead of reading something from the computer. 

I also added a few stickers that were sayings, instead of putting together a traditional title.  I added one underneath one of the cute photos on side 2, and the main title is in the tag on the top layout.  This way, you can find the perfect title from different stickers for your title! 

Stickers come in handy for a variety of reasons.  They help to make a layout look neat, plus they can be used easily.  Using a bit of ribbon, just adds to the girlishness of the layout! 

Supply list: 
2 sheets cardstock for the background
Cardstock to matt the stickers and photos
Stickers that match
Black marker for the hand written journaling
Step one:  Matt photos to match the stickers and background paper you have chosen. 
Step two:  Start to matt the stickers in the same way.
Step three:  Pick out the saying stickers you would like to use for the title and under one of the photos.  Start to place those. 
Step four:  Picking out 2 of the special photos you want to showcase, make a frame using cardstock and a few of the stickers, to make these photos stand out a bit. 
Step five:  Pick out one of the saying stickers to place under one of the other photos.
Step six:  Place adhesive on all the photos and stickers and place on the background paper.
Step seven:  Taking the ribbon, make bows in different colors of ribbon to match the cardstock and stickers.  Using hot glue, place the ribbon on the layout. 
Step eight:  Using the same hot glue gun, place buttons on the layout in the stickers where you need to.  (This step is optional if you do not have any buttons on the stickers.)
Very basic, easy layout you can recreate using any theme!  As with any of your layouts, please give me credit if you recreate…and share your creation with me! 
The Scrapbook Lady!