I’ve learned and discovered…

I’ve learned and discovered…..

I’ve learned a few things along this journey the past 10 years or so… Not sure if I like all that I have learned, but I thank God that it was me that had the opportunity to learn them. I hope you will read and pass on to others…..I’d love to hear about things you’ve learned too!!  I am planning on doing a scrapbook layout with this post, I challenge you to find your own things you’ve discovered and learned along the way, and do a layout as well!  

I’ve learned and discovered……

I’ve learned that life is too damn short to live in anger…..

I’ve learned that people truly can be either good or bad, the sucky part….is we’ve dealt with a lot of assholes.

I’ve learned that life goes on, and no matter what it always will…..

I’ve learned that though family should be the most important thing in your life, in our case, that isn’t what happened.

I’ve learned that a man has just as much rights to their children as a mother does, and in some aspects they can raise the children better.

I’ve learned that just because you had a child, doesn’t give you the right to lie to them about who they are, where they come from or anything else.

I’ve also learned that just because you have a child with someone you shouldn’t keep them apart from each other.

I’ve learned that loosing a parent just isn’t fun at all.

I’ve learned that scrapbooking is a really cheap therapy tool…..

I’ve learned that Chrystal Meth sucks, and people will always associate you to that person, even if you were only on it for 9 months…..they do not care that you are one of 2% of the population that could successfully rebuild their life without going to jail or being dead.

I’ve learned the only reason for me doing the above, is the fact I wanted to die…God had other plans for me!

I’ve learned that just because they say a tornado can’t happen in Utah, it can….

I’ve learned that you can be in peoples lives, and affect them in the most positive way, only if they allow you to.

I’ve learned that raising yourself isn’t easy…even though you had a “mother”.

I’ve also learned that just because you have a mother doesn’t mean that person really truly cares about you, especially if they lie to you.

I’ve learned that siblings suck.

I’ve learned that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

I’ve learned the value of hard work, and getting where you are at based on true hard work…not by screwing someone over or lying to them to get there.

I’ve learned that getting A’s in college isn’t easy, but by hell it sure is fun when you get them…especially when you are on the Deans List!!! 

I’ve learned that no matter what, I love my husband more than life itself, and that it takes two people to not only make a relationship, but break it up too.

I’ve learned what true love really is.

I’ve learned the hardness of suicide…first hand…

I’ve also learned how hard it is to loose a parent 3 days after your birthday, 5 years to the day after suicide happened by ex husband.

I’ve learned how hard it is to rebuild your life all by yourself, without any support….only judgemental attitudes.

I’ve learned abandonment, stalking, paternity fraud and extrinsic fraud…what they are and how hard it is to deal with it.

I’ve learned how hard it is to live in the state of Utah with the last name of Jeffs…..and get JUSTICE.

I’ve learned the values of friendships, deep true friendships.

I’ve learned you do not have to be related to someone to love them, and their children!

I’ve learned that writing books is fun, and creating a business all your own is fun!

I’ve learned you can’t change others’ opinions of you, they can only do that themselves.

I’ve learned to take the things I do wrong, and try to correct them…without being a bitch about “having to change”.

I’ve learned that Lucy is a horrible bitch, and I’d like her to kindly leave!

I’ve learned that blending 8 kids is really hard, someone will always hate someone else, no matter what spouse it is, or what kid it is.

I’ve learned you can’t do anything about the above, only they can.

I’ve learned that I have dwelt too much time on a horrible situation I am unable to change.

I have learned that trying to help someone else doesn’t do them any good…..

I’ve learned that I want my drivers license back and a car…..all so I can have a life of my own as to not affect my husband the way I do.

I’ve learned I want my children to have a life, and be happy, no matter who they are.

I’ve learned that only I can take care of ME…I can’t take care of anyone else right now.

I’ve learned that people deserve chances, and if it takes 10 chances to get it right, then so be it…we are a family, and that is what families do.

I’ve learned that no matter what, people will not treat you as you want them to treat you, unless you say something to them about things and expect it.

I’ve learned that I miss “people”…..and I totally miss being a part of a “family”…..

I’ve learned that I am tired, stressed out, and emotional as hell…..

I’ve learned my health sucks right now…..but getting diagnosed with Crohns disease, and having fibro, arthritis in my hands, and everything else…it just sucks right now…

I’ve learned my husband has a wonderful green thumb!

I’ve learned that I love my truck, and probably will have one of my own when I can buy something…

I’ve learned that no amount of money will change the truth, or what we’ve been through….

I’ve learned that the wildlife here in Colorado is wonderful, along with the beauty!

I’ve learned that phones and relationships swing both ways, and if you avoid someone…well, then that should be self explanatory…why keep calling someone who doesn’t want to be around you?

I’ve learned that things are going to go exactly as God plans it…and NOTHING I do will change that!

I’ve learned just because you might know something is going to happen, doesn’t change it from happening.

I’ve learned to accept the gifts I have, and do good with them.

I’ve learned to be thankful for what I do have that is right in front of me…..

I’ve learned that the kindness of 3 strangers turned my life around, where nothing else did.

I’ve learned that God loves me, and guided me to where I am today, and if it wasn’t for Him, I wouldn’t be here to talk about it today.

I’ve learned to laugh again, smile again….despite my past!

I’ve learned to deal with the last name, keep toxic people out of my life and stay strong to who I am.

I’ve learned who is and isn’t there for me.I’ve learned that it wasn’t my fault…..not the suicide, not the molestations….it wasn’t my fault.

I’ve learned the Miracle of Forgiveness, and letting go….

I’ve learned to get my act together and get an education!

I’ve learned how to be selfless, and do what needs to be done for your children.

I’ve learned being a grandma is really fun, even if it’s not your own grandchild!

I’ve learned how to help others by listening and offering advice where need be.

I’ve learned I don’t like seeing a grandfather, father and now a son go through the same things, because of a “mother”.

I’ve learned I’m confused about “who” I am, where I came from, and where I am going…but look forward to the day I get where I belong!

I’ve discovered that life isn’t easy.

I’ve discovered that living with my husband is not easy, but living without him is worse.

I’ve discovered that letting go and forgiving is really hard to do.

I’ve discovered that mistakes are made, and people feel like shit afterwards. So what, why beat them up over a mistake they made, learn from it instead.

I’ve discovered how people can manipulate, fraud and lie to get through life, instead of getting where they are by honest, hard work.

I’ve discovered that moving away sometimes is the best thing you can do for yourself, to survive life.

I’ve discovered that the truth is the truth, no matter which way you twist it.

I’ve discovered how to not hurt someone because of a lie.

I’ve discovered how to take it all away by masking the pain.

I’ve discovered when it comes right down to it, people truly do not care about you…..

I’ve discovered that family isn’t necessarily your own biological children or siblings, it’s what you have in front of you and with you.

I’ve discovered that having to rebuild your life sucks.

I’ve discovered how hard it is to bounce back after a really hard, long stress level.

I’ve discovered my mouth gets me in more trouble than I know what to do with…but maybe people could think of what I am saying, instead of the words I say.

I’ve discovered I love Sims2 and Sims3…a lot!

I’ve discovered Denver is great, the Med’s here are great, and this place is a lot like California!!!!!!

I’ve discovered old friends, through the wonderful WWW!

I’ve discovered school, how hard it is, how rewarding it is, and how with a bit of hard work, you can get wherever you want to.

I’ve discovered first hand how people can change.

I’ve discovered no two people in a family are a like, but it’s funnier than hell watching a son that is so much like his father….

I’ve discovered we all have an anger management problem, and I’m gonna fix mine if others will fix there’s too!

I’ve discovered that life just isn’t fair, and your fairy godmother is not going to show up and do crap for you!

I’ve discovered how hard it is to be without your kids, and nobody should ever have to do that.

I’ve discovered if you have money then everyone likes you, but if you don’t…watch out.

I’ve discovered what happens to people when others lie about you, about things that are detremental to your health.

I’ve discovered how crooked cops are, they would rather listen to one side….than to get the truth.

I’ve discovered how judgemental people really are.

I’ve discovered how hurtful words are, not just for the person the words are said to, but also to others that are close to that person.

I’ve discovered that just because you have a dream that eventually comes true, you can’t control it…you can only learn from it.

I’ve learned that people just do not get it…either they are stupid, blind or dumbasses, but they just do not get it.

I’ve learned that you can try and try, but it doesn’t matter to those who care nothing about you in the first place. They would rather keep the poor picked on me attitude instead of the love offered.

I’ve also learned that you can screw up time and time again, and those that truly understand, love you and help you work through it, and those who care nothing about you will judge you until the day you die for each and every fuck up you do make.

I’ve learned I hate more than I should, but when you hear the same shit from people, only different year, you tend to get tired of just listening to that same shit.

I’ve discovered that it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, or says. There are laws against slander.

I’ve discovered I’m scared about my husbands health, and nothing will change that.

I’ve discovered I have an anger management problem…..and if people get in my face, I’m not sure if I will be able to control my temper.

I’ve long past discovered that it’s time for an attorney……..

I’ve learned school is one of my only saving graces, and nobody can or will take that away from me.

I’ve learned that you can be right there for someone and until they allow you IN their life, will things change.

I’ve discovered that right now, some people deserve what they get………

I’ve discovered that just because I had a kid with a man, that man owes me nothing except child support and respect, and that’s just about it.

I’ve learned that people will always be who they are, depending on their circle of influence.

I’ve learned that letting go and moving on is harder than it looks, because some jerk will always try to keep you back in the past.

I’ve learned that when others do something, it’s ok…but when you do it, you are a horrible person.

I’ve learned that no matter what, you can’t change the past. You can only learn from the mistakes that are made, and try to do better from that point.

I’ve also learned where my place is in things, and I certainly wouldn’t visit people in my past that are connected to a past lover.

I’ve learned that people will go to all extreme’s to make you look bad to others when they hate you like they do.

I’ve learned that women can lie like dogs, stalk a man, and otherwise ruin his life and it’s ok…..but if a man does it, then it’s off to court we go.

I’ve learned how not to take my anger to the next level, even though I truly wish it wasn’t illegal or immoral.

I’ve learned why my husband chooses not to talk to people, or deal with this crappy situation. I’ve learned you can forgive people, but when they keep doing the same thing to you, how often do you have to keep forgiving before you start to say something?

I’ve learned you can move away from a situation, but it truly will never go away.

I’ve learned even though you have a computer, phone, or other means of speaking to people…that does not matter.

I’ve learned that phones and crap only swing one way with us.

I’ve learned that moving 526 miles away from people makes them grow some serious balls.

I’ve learned women will do anything to stalk a man they love when the man leaves them.

I’ve learned what lengths a person will go to when they hate you.

I’ve learned what happens to a person when they lie about you, what you are doing, and who you are.

I’ve learned that people will always talk shit about someone else, even though they haven’t ever lived in your home, been at your home, been around you, spoke to you, or anything else.

I’ve learned that when you say something, it will then turn into you have said this, or that or something else…but not the something you actually said.

I’ve learned that yogurt in the mornings make me feel good!

I’ve learned I love school, and what it will bring me at the end of it all.

I’ve learned that no matter how many times you say you are sorry to someone, when you fight…all bets are off, and you then have the rights to bring up each and every fuck up that person ever did…

I’ve learned that people will say anything about you, just because they do not want you with the person you are with.

I’ve learned that it is time for an attorney to take care of a few “problems”…….

I’ve learned that history is repeating itself…..and to what extremes women will go to to lie their way through life and ride on a man’s shirtails.

I’ve learned that someone women just do not get it…

I’ve learned that a woman can keep kids away from a man…and at the end of it all, it’s the man’s fault they didn’t see the kids.

I’ve learned that when you do not have money to take someone to court for what they are doing you are screwed and known as a horrible, pathetic person.

I’ve learned that you can say what needs to be said, but you will still be known as the bitch.

I’ve learned that no matter what-things will be said, things will be taken out of context, and others will not do what you feel should be done.

But I’ve also learned that I can either accept others, learn from them and get on with life…or keep em’ in the past with thoughts and feelings.

I’ve learned that it takes just as much energy to make me mad as it does to make me happy! I would rather be happy!


One word/one picture challenge

This layout is one of my favorites, the colors…the simplicity, the picture, and the word with the definition! I want you to take one word that describes you. I chose different, for something I would have done different and how I am different! I chose to just use the definition and the word only, the rest of the journaling is hidden underneath the photo in tags. A simple flower embellishment on the photo and square completes the look.

This can be done for a child…describing them with just a word. Add to that something monthly, using 1 picture for the month, and journaling…by the end of the year, you would have 12 layouts to put towards their very own album!

Another idea you could do, is describe your spouse…or your marriage. Pick a photo that truly captures one thing about the two of you, and describe it using this same type of idea! Change the flowers to hearts…find heart paper, and you are done!

You could also find a special picture of your family, or kids, or something you want to showcase on your wall, do a framed page! Find another picture you want to do as a gift…mothers day is coming up soon, as well as Easter!

One project I am going to do, and will post very soon, for you guys to recreate, is a framed page for Easter! It will have Easter related embellishments on it, no photos…a collage type of thing! Can’t wait to get rolling and started on it!

Well folks, I sure am glad you are visiting Memories in Tyme blog! For now, this is where projects will be placed! I am working on the site, to make it user friendly…it will change each month to help you get different ideas for your pages! There is a lot going on….check back often to see what all we are up to!

Happy creating folks,

Valentines Day

Normally I hate Valentines Day…it represents the times in my life where I failed, brings back more memories than I feel it should, and they are not always good! This year, my husband and I decided to try to do different, normally, it’s just another day for us….. The above card is very easy to do, heart die cuts and 2 background papers! Tweak to use for anything else you need…gifts for a birthday, or add a saying to the above for the perfect wedding or anniversary card.

Making cards is not hard at all! It just takes a little bit of time figuring what you would use a lot of! If you scrapbook, you already have a bit of extra stickers or things left over…use them up to make a card or two!

**I am looking for people who have bought scrapbook supplies, but have no clue what to do with them, as well as others who already know how to scrapbook. Please contact me at lyndaj@memoriesintyme.com with your skill level, or what you do or do not know! I have been able to scrapbook on what I have at home for at least 7 years now, and been able to create things on very little! I will help save you money, as well as show you how to showcase your day to day memories of your life!**

Memories in Tyme online has been redesigned! Please visit us at www.memoriesintyme.com to see the new look! I am working on my Ebooks, as well as a whole new learning section to teach people how to create on what you have at home! Join me while we spend the next year creating and having a great time!

I am getting Easter/Spring ideas rolling now, so if you are looking at wanting ideas on something specific, please let me know!

Lynda Jeffs

Challenge for each month

Scrapbooking, people say it just takes too much time to create a layout, so therefore they don’t start to create! I am taking things back to the basics folks, join me this year, even if this is the only layouts you do! As you can see with this layout, I used 2 colors, 1 photo and journaling boxes with handwritten words. Add alpha stickers, and you are done! Easy layout, and easy project for the next year!

For those of you who have started to collect things, but haven’t done anything with that stuff, this is for you more than anyone! I have been able to scrapbook on what I have available at home, spending money only when I need to! You do not need to spend a ton of money on supplies, it is the memories that you are putting down on paper, the little things! It isn’t like you are going to win with the best scrapbook supplies or anything…again, it’s the memories!

For me, I want to document the next year, to show myself where I am at now, and where I am at towards the end of the year, documenting each month with words and a picture or two!

Supply list to start with:

A kit of some sort that would include the album, size doesn’t matter I am using the 12 x 12 format due to the amount of writing I want to do, but a smaller size is ok, depending on what you want to document. (Or an album itself)

26 sheets of basic cardstock for the basis of each page, 2 for each month and a front and back cover.

10-12 sheets of other paper/cardstock for the pages (more might be needed, depending on what you are planning)

Alpha stickers, stamps, or whatever you would like to use for the titles



Brads or Eyelets

I am sure you will need a few more things, but you can start out with just this. Most kits you can purchase include the paper, embellishments and album for you already, I purchased mine at Walmart for $19.99, look at places like Michaels or Joanns Fabric for kits you can purchase that are on sale, or better yet, use a coupon to make the price 40% off! Or create your own, using supplies you have at home!

Start to collect these items ladies, we will be working on your title page, back page, and January pages the rest of this month. Find a notebook, or whatever you would like to use for documenting, and start to document your day to day life. For me, we are dealing with paternity fraud, family issues, rebuilding our lives, and school all at the same time. My life is not the same now as it was 2 years ago when I moved here from Utah! I want to showcase my year with only a picture or two, and plenty of words to show what we have accomplished.

You could do the same, or document your childs life for the next year, adding more photos, or places for hidden journaling and photos too! Document the year at your job, or whatever, just spend the next year making 2 layouts each month, while putting down in words what you have been through and accomplished!

Don’t “scrapbook” in the traditional sense, then do it all on your computer, just find some place you want to put down in words what you have done and accomplished this year! You can even do an album for a gift at the end of the year, and only have to spend a bit of time each month to make the pages for the album!
See you next week ladies!

Clean & Simple Scrapbooking Challenge

Hello ladies!

What a fun year we have planned here for Memories in Tyme, we want to help you to take YOUR memories and place them in tyme! Scrapbooking is such a fun thing to do, along that it really does help with your stress level, or other emotional things that might be going on as well! In the current economy, a lot of people do not have the extra money to spend on “stuff”, but you want to have the same things everyone else is! Let me show you the EASY way, the way you won’t have to spend a ton of money!

A few years ago, while in the midst of going through a completely horrendous time, I met Lisa Bearnson at a local Scrapbook Expo that I had went to with my sister. She took 5 minutes of her busy day, gave me her email address and then Deb (my sister) and I left. We had just lost my dad to Altzheimers disease, which was 5 years to the day after my exhusband had committed suicide, so you could understand my emotions! The next February she sent her assistants Angie and Marci out to my home to help me get my head on straight, and see what to do with all of this. I now understand I have a talent, and want to share with others, but the “industry” is so cut throat, that I am doing it as simply as I can! Angie, Marci and I still talk to this day, and I am proud of that. The kindness of strangers, who really have no clue the impact these 3 women made on my life. The book Clean & Simple Scrapbooking was given to me by them, with permission from the Author to do these challenges! Join me while we work simply on our projects!

If you have the book, the layout I recreated is on page 68. The layout I did is titled Hindsight & Memories, things I would have told her if I could. My childhood was not filled with photo’s and love, mine was filled with problems, so to deal with the issues at hand, this is the layout that helped me to begin to heal as an adult! I figured out that truly I was ok, and the decisions I made when I was younger was only because of what happened to me as a child. Once those issues were worked out, things began to get better for me.

The challenge is to look at things you might have done differently, or what you would have told her if you would have known that little girl/teenager back then! I am having a hard time uploading my image to the blog, if you visit Memories in Tyme fanpage on facebook, it will be listed there, alongside a few other layouts! Please feel free to recreate yours, and then link me to your layout! I will be giving a prize out at the end of this month, so share your stuff with us!

Enjoy your week ladies, I will be posting another layout/project/card this weekend! Working on Valentines projects, so watch for lots of love being posted and sent your way!

Altered journal

Altered notebooks, the cheap version!
I use the composition notebooks you can purchase at Walmart for .89$ or at the Dollar store for $1!
Supplies list:
Composition notebook
2 sheets of 12 x 12 paper/cardstock
2 sheets of coordinating 8.5 x 11 paper
Glue stick, adhesives, or hot glue gun
Misc. ribbon, buttons, or charms to decorate
Step one:
Decide what colors will be used for the outside cover.
Step two:
For the color where the yellow is, cut it in half, creating 2 6 x 12 sheets of paper.
Step three:
Take the paper you are using (where I used the flowers), fold in half to go around the front and back side of the notebook. Using the glue stick, glue the paper down to the notebook.
Step four:
At the bottom and top sides, where the notebook is, you need to cut a slice in the paper to allow you to fold the excess to the other side. Glue the paper down.
Step five:
The papers you cut in half, you will be glueing to the front and back cover, again, folding the excess over to the other side. Glue the paper down.
Step six:
Take the 2 sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper, and glue to the inside cover (trimming if necessary), and again to the back cover.
Step seven:
Decorate the outside front cover with ribbon, buttons, or other items you might have available to you!
Hope you enjoy!

Halloween projects

For some people, they have money to purchase paint cans, in which to decorate, and put gift’s in them for either birthdays, or holidays! This is my “cheap” version of the paint cans, done with a large coffee can!

Items used:

Basic black cardstock

Ribbon in Halloween colors

Paper piecings or other misc. Halloween themed items such as stickers or die cuts.

Step one: Take the cardstock, you will need to use 2 sheets for a large can. Normally, I will measure the second sheet, as you will only need to use a portion of that second sheet for the can.

Step two: Fold down the paper into the can. Take your ribbon, and place on the bottom portion of the can, using hot glue to tack it down.

Step three: At the place where the cardstock meet, cameflauge it by placing either a paper piecing, stickers, or other items strategically.

Step four: Get tissue paper for the inside of the can, place the gift on the inside of the tissue paper.

This can be used as a decoration, or a gift for that special someone in your life! Enjoy, this is the first of many projects for you to enjoy. Make sure to send me back of a picture of what you’ve created too, for us to add to our site!

Lynda Jeffs


Web site is officially up!

Hi everyone!

I want to thank you for visiting Memories in Tyme Blog, however our website is officially up and running!! We are able to make one of a kind items for your favorite gift recipients, on little money! The items you purchase will be top of the line, made by a designer who can not only design anything out of paper…but will also do it cheap! http://memoriesintyme.com/ I hope to see you there!

With the economy the way it is, I’m sure you have stopped spending money on extra supplies, SCRAPBOOKING is an extra supply! Well, you are in the right place with me! My husband was taken out of work almost 7 years ago, our choice…either he quit work or he would die. Being in his 30’s, that didn’t go over very well with him, but at least he is still alive! I had to learn to spend my money wisely, because we didn’t have the extra to waste. Therefore, I couldn’t get all the fun stickers or packages everyone else was able to get, I had to do my own thing!

Memories in Tyme will help you get your memories out on paper, using up what you have around the house! I will give you easy tips and tricks, and idea’s each month to help you keep up on the day to day things that needs to get done! Welcome to my site, welcome to the beginnings of my dreams, and thank you for visiting Memories in Tyme!