Altered journal

Altered notebooks, the cheap version!
I use the composition notebooks you can purchase at Walmart for .89$ or at the Dollar store for $1!
Supplies list:
Composition notebook
2 sheets of 12 x 12 paper/cardstock
2 sheets of coordinating 8.5 x 11 paper
Glue stick, adhesives, or hot glue gun
Misc. ribbon, buttons, or charms to decorate
Step one:
Decide what colors will be used for the outside cover.
Step two:
For the color where the yellow is, cut it in half, creating 2 6 x 12 sheets of paper.
Step three:
Take the paper you are using (where I used the flowers), fold in half to go around the front and back side of the notebook. Using the glue stick, glue the paper down to the notebook.
Step four:
At the bottom and top sides, where the notebook is, you need to cut a slice in the paper to allow you to fold the excess to the other side. Glue the paper down.
Step five:
The papers you cut in half, you will be glueing to the front and back cover, again, folding the excess over to the other side. Glue the paper down.
Step six:
Take the 2 sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper, and glue to the inside cover (trimming if necessary), and again to the back cover.
Step seven:
Decorate the outside front cover with ribbon, buttons, or other items you might have available to you!
Hope you enjoy!

Halloween projects

For some people, they have money to purchase paint cans, in which to decorate, and put gift’s in them for either birthdays, or holidays! This is my “cheap” version of the paint cans, done with a large coffee can!

Items used:

Basic black cardstock

Ribbon in Halloween colors

Paper piecings or other misc. Halloween themed items such as stickers or die cuts.

Step one: Take the cardstock, you will need to use 2 sheets for a large can. Normally, I will measure the second sheet, as you will only need to use a portion of that second sheet for the can.

Step two: Fold down the paper into the can. Take your ribbon, and place on the bottom portion of the can, using hot glue to tack it down.

Step three: At the place where the cardstock meet, cameflauge it by placing either a paper piecing, stickers, or other items strategically.

Step four: Get tissue paper for the inside of the can, place the gift on the inside of the tissue paper.

This can be used as a decoration, or a gift for that special someone in your life! Enjoy, this is the first of many projects for you to enjoy. Make sure to send me back of a picture of what you’ve created too, for us to add to our site!

Lynda Jeffs

Web site is officially up!

Hi everyone!

I want to thank you for visiting Memories in Tyme Blog, however our website is officially up and running!! We are able to make one of a kind items for your favorite gift recipients, on little money! The items you purchase will be top of the line, made by a designer who can not only design anything out of paper…but will also do it cheap! I hope to see you there!

With the economy the way it is, I’m sure you have stopped spending money on extra supplies, SCRAPBOOKING is an extra supply! Well, you are in the right place with me! My husband was taken out of work almost 7 years ago, our choice…either he quit work or he would die. Being in his 30’s, that didn’t go over very well with him, but at least he is still alive! I had to learn to spend my money wisely, because we didn’t have the extra to waste. Therefore, I couldn’t get all the fun stickers or packages everyone else was able to get, I had to do my own thing!

Memories in Tyme will help you get your memories out on paper, using up what you have around the house! I will give you easy tips and tricks, and idea’s each month to help you keep up on the day to day things that needs to get done! Welcome to my site, welcome to the beginnings of my dreams, and thank you for visiting Memories in Tyme!