Making Extra Embellishments For Future Projects

 Making extra embellishments for future projects

When I start to work on a project – I look at what exactly am I creating….. what type of a project and how many of it am I doing.  Do I need to create one set – or multiple?  As I look at “that” – I start to decide what papers am I going to use.  I might start with one set – and then move on to something totally different by the time I am done LOL!  It all starts with the papers – to make beautiful embellishments of your own! 

Once I start to work on my project, I make more than enough embellishments to work with!  That way, I can be a bit more picky about the things I am adding TO the creation, and I have some left over to use on other projects!!!  If you notice the photo, these are the leftovers from my mom’s altered drink holder!  I can use the white balloons on a bunch of birthday cards, and won’t have to  die cut any shapes for a while!  


  1. Making more embellishments, saves you time down the line, by not having to die cut more shapes!
  2. It helps you customize each of your project’s and make them more one of a kind!
  3. Put more than one embellishment together that match in color, but maybe not the same manufacturer of paper!  
  4. Put them on your cards, make a bunch of them while you are making a project!  Great to do for birthdays and baby cards!  
  5. Go to your stash before you create another embellishment!  Sometimes I have found the perfect embellishment to go with the project I am doing!!!

By doing extra embellishments while you have it all out, it saves time in the long run, and makes some of your project’s be one of a kind!  Make sure you share with me what you have done!!!

Lynda Jeffs,
Memories In Tyme

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