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When I first start to make cards, it normally will start with the papers I want to use. Is it a theme, such as a birthday….. Is it something basic like flowers or stripes that you can add other sayings with? This is where it all starts for me!

First, I look at the papers I want to use based on the reason for the project. I start to pull other papers to use to go with it, normally cardstock that matches and/or other patterned paper for a bit of visual interest or to use for my embellishments. This makes the piece more customized you might say, because some of the pieces you might use are scraps! And the papers change all the time anyway, so even if you use the same papers on another project or different papers on another project, it will turn out totally different than the first piece did.

I will normally start to pull all the rest of the things I want to use such as stamps – ink pads – die cuts or punches…things I plan on using for the project, again – based on theme! I pull more than I need out – because at the time, I’m not sure which one TO use! I do this for everything paper craft related I do, such as cards, scrapbooks, framed pages, mini albums, gifts as well!

If you have some sort of a design sheet, it will make it easier for you to keep track of the things you need to create! Mine includes:

  • Who is it for – I add either personal or the person I am making the project for
  • When is it needed – self explanatory – do I need to get it DONE, or am I okay to put it aside for a day or two
  • What are we creating – what is it we need to get done, an altered item with card, a mini album… what is it you are trying to create
  • Any details – as you think of something – a title, colors to use – embellishments, anything specific that will help you with the final project – listed here
  • Specific’s – what papers am I using, are there specific embellishments, sketches, that type of thing

If you have something a few months out, and you get inspiration for part of the project NOW, trust me, you won’t remember much of anything when you get ready to start the project. Keep track of it as you know you have something coming up!

I hope this will help you get more projects done that need to GET done! I am learning I need to get things done early as I procrastinate like you wouldn’t believe! Having a list, even though you might not need it RIGHT NOW – you will be glad you got it done when you did!

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