This album was a bit trickier than a lot I have done! And when I talk about thinking outside the box, this is one project I had to do just that! I originally planned on doing a 6 x 6 album with the papers I used, not necessarily a baby album. I knew the smaller size was not going to work for this album with THESE papers.

White vs sponged

Now, I will tell you my husband has great idea’s… and has a creative side that is different than mine is! He talked me into some binder rings – I said the smaller 1″ size would be best, nope… he said larger 2″ size would, and guess what – the larger size works best LOL! This is the first album made using the rings, and I LOVE the look!

Since the papers I used were 6 x 6, and I decided to do an 8 x 8 album instead… it posed a bit of a problem. I didn’t like the plain white at all, so after collaborating with my sister Deb, we decided it needed a bit of color! Using ink and a sponge, it created the perfect background!

This technique is easy – you need a round sponge that you can purchase at craft stores, along with ink pads that match the papers you are using. Dab the ink with the sponge and pat it on the cardstock randomly, repeat with each color making sure to overlap colors a bit. Leave the middle alone, since you will be adding a sheet of paper on top and you are done! Check back tomorrow for another post on other features of the album!

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Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme

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