Mom’s Recycled Drink Holder

Mom’s Birthday Present

This is one of those special projects, created for my mom’s birthday!!!  I wasn’t too sure what to do for her this year, it was her first birthday since being back home… gone for 12 years!!!!   I wanted this present to be special and fun at the same time!!!!!

Supplies used:

Coordinating cardstock and papers (I used 6)
Sizzix die cuts, I used balloon and present for this example
Hot glue
Pop dots
Twine for balloon strings 
Recycled drink holder from a fast food restaurant (85)


Start by die cutting the shapes you are going to use for your creation!  I ended up doing way more shapes than I needed to for this project!  However, it will help me make a few cards to go in my stash!!!
Add the twine to the balloons, set aside for the moment!!!
If you have presents, get them put together!  If you don’t have a die cut present shape, create your own presents with scrap paper and a bow!
Start to add the balloons first, having the strings go in the middle of the bottom of the container.  Add the presents, putting the strings from the balloons in the middle of the container!  Place one of the bigger presents, putting pop dots on all four corners – and add it to the top concealing the strings!
Afterwards, simply add your present in the drink holders!  

Customize this to the person getting the present!  My mom had a lot of fun with all the little goodies we got for her!  I simply wanted it to be more special, and that it was!  I hope you enjoyed this fun, altered project and you share with me what you end up with!  

Lynda Jeffs
Memories In Tyme

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