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Hello everyone, it’s that time again!!!  I am doing things a bit different for myself personally – and hopefully this challenge will actually help me get more done both business wise, and personally!  Now, I will be honest with you – I am technology challenged, but am researching the best ways to organize my smart phone, my tablet and my computer together – in order to get more done in life!  Right now – I have a notebook – and use it I will until I figure all of that little stuff out!!!!  (If you have any good apps you use for this – please make sure you send me a message here!!!)      
So, lets get started – grab your calendar, tablet, smart phone, sheet of paper and a pen/pencil – whatever you need to organize yourself and lets do this!!! 

  • Take a look at your calendar until the middle of April – what do you have going on for you personally that needs to get done and taken care of in the next few weeks?  
  • Next look at things until the end of May – what else do you have that needs to get added to your list?  
  • Lastly, look at things until the end of August – what else do you have that you need to look at?  

My list – 

  1. Birthday cards 
  2. Baby presents
  3. Easter presents and cards
  4. Mothers Day
  5. Fathers Day
  6. Handmade items for April event
  7. Book of ancestors for an October birthday
  8. Book of Grandma’s recipe’s by her birthday in May
  9. Anniversary card/gift 

As you do look at your calendar, have a sheet for each of your events!  This way – as you get more details, you can start to write things down on the sheet!!!  For me personally, I have decided I can only go forward with the items I want to make – and do what needs to be done coming up – getting the rest of the stuff done as I can!  That means – this month might be rather fun where posts are concerned for you guys – a bit of everything for sure!

Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

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