Monthly Planning Challenge

It is “that time of the month” again – no not Aunt Flo, but time for you to go through your calendar for the next few month’s worth of events that we need to plan, create, or simply add to your calendar!  So, grab your favorite items to get planning with, and lets get started!  

  • Take a look at the next 6 weeks – until the end of March.  What type of events do you have coming up that needs to be addressed?  Do you have birthday’s, anniversaries, holiday’s, or special events that you need to purchase, make, or plan for?  
  • Next look at the next 3 months – until the end of May – same as before what types of things do you have coming up that you need to look at?  
  • Finally – take a look at the next 6 months – until the end of August…  Same as before, do you have anything that you need to plan for, make things for – or purchase for?  Get a list going!!!

My list – well, this is helping me get more done!  The next part for me – is making sure things actually get in the mail after I have spent so much time in making!!!  That is the worse part for me, so I am learning to add a task for the day it needs to be mailed by, we will see if that helps!  

  1. Easter – working on cards to mail and fun baskets for my kids (yes, they are adults)!!!  
  2. Birthday’s – April is a huge month for me personally to send out cards, so this year, I am making them early!  Including in this is both my mom and my husbands mom’s birthdays (within 3 days of each other) as well as a few other birthday’s that we want to send cards out for!
  3. Plus Mothers Day in May – so I need to not only plan their birthday’s but also this day right around the corner!!!
  4. My anniversary – been with my hubby for 16 years now, married for 12 of them!  Time to really celebrate!  
  5. Fathers Day – really need to spend time in creating something special this year!
  6. My own personal projects – including Project Life, creations to sell, 2015 year in review, planners to get organized… 

Spend a bit of time in looking at what you need to make, what you have that you can use already – and to plan out projects!  I am on a spending freeze – using up what I have at home – before spending a lot of money!  If I have a use for things – I purchase it, but if I don’t…I won’t spend!  I have my eye on the prize for sure – and the prize is more supplies used up and more cash in my pocket!  Grab your favorite organizing utensil’s – and get to work on your events!   

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Lynda Jeffs
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