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If you scroll down after you read this post, you will see the first post, which has 3 different style of birthday cards!  I had a lot of fun creating – in fact, I think the cards I am sharing today – might be some of my personal favorites!  
When it comes to purchasing stamps, I will absolutely tell you to NOT buy everything you see and you like.  Now, if you have the money to purchase what you want, then do so!  If you are on a budget, and have to watch what you spend, I have a few tips just for you!

  1. Do not spend a ton of money starting out – try to refrain!  When you do shop – will you be able to use the stamp for more than one use OR at the very least, more than just one time?   
  2. When it comes to saving money, use scraps of paper for your matting, punch pieces, stamped sayings (such as below) and paper piecing patterns!  The smallest of pieces go very well when you are creating a card or tag! 
  3. Try to make a card or two when you already have specific items out – such as birthday cards when you make a birthday layout!  Or, when you do create a scrapbook project – make sure to die cut extra items as you are creating your layouts for use later on!   
  4. As you grow into creating more and more with stamps, remember that basic cardstock goes a long way when you have a white and black ink pad!   You can add colors from that point – but a basic black and white are wonderful to start with!

For the card examples today, personally they are my favorites!  

Card #1 – I used the same paper pack as from yesterday’s cards as well as the 2015-2017 colors in cardstock!  I simply added a white embossed saying (also from Stampin’ Up), a simple bow at the top and it is finished  What you can’t see, is the background paper on the back of the mint saying!

Card #2 –  I used the other side of the papers used from one of the cards yesterday!  I added a Sizzix flower and vine die cut, along with punch pieces (from Stampin’ Up), and a simple Birthday Wishes saying embossed in white! 


I was able to create 10 cards for my personal stash in no time, using both sides of the papers I selected to use!  I still have papers left over to create with!  I can’t wait to start to mail them,  so special friends and family this year!  

Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

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