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Photos are important, they are the basis of the scrapbook page…but adding the written words – journaling – will only add information to the photos you are scrapbooking.  There are times when you scrapbook where you don’t want what you write to be blaring at someone… hidden journaling does the trick!  By hiding some of your words, you can go more in depth in your writing…you’ll see what I mean! 
In this series of pictures – we had taken the pictures you see here taken on my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.  You really can’t tell on the scan here, but you can lift each photo up and find pictures of us back in early 1991 when my daughter was just a baby, as well as a bit of journaling….  Since there is only 1 of the siblings that is married to the same person, I didn’t want to showcase those pictures really, I wanted to showcase each family as it was on mom and dad’s anniversary.  There is a total of 4 layouts, each having a different picture underneath….but together spells out the title too!  Hidden journaling just allows a place to put words that you don’t want everyone to see. 
Step one:  Determine the photo you want to put the hidden journaling underneath.  Matt it using at least  or two colors to form the base part. 
Step two:  Cut a piece of white or cream cardstock (depending on what colors you are working on) that will fit your frame.  If your matted photo is 4.5 x 5.5 you would want your piece to be 4.5 x 11 and then fold it in half. 
Step three:  Glue the top of the folded piece to the bottom of the photo, to create the hidden part. 
Step four:  Add your journaling to the inside of the piece using pencil first, then marker when you have the words completed.  Erase the extra marks when you are done.   
Step five:  Glue the bottom of the photo/hidden journaling piece to your page. 
The journaling you do is suppose to be fun…since I was divorced, I didn’t really want to do a layout of that time period…but I did want to showcase the pictures somehow!  This was the most logical and funnest of them all!  I used the same theme (hearts) throughout the 4 page spread to make it flow.  A simple heart punch, and a heart die cut with floss made into a bow at top to hang the heart.   So you see, journaling – even hidden journaling is a necessary part of your layouts!  It helps future generations see what it is you are all about. 
I hope you enjoy this week…there’s more to come with journaling products, books, and web sites to help you! 
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

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