New Planner Pages – Week 2

If you missed the first post for my planner pages, you can check out week 1 here!!!  I have a ton of things going on at once, the main thing – I am an unorganized MESS where getting things done is concerned!  I wanted a planner that was perfect for me personally – but I simply can’t spend a lot of money (much like everything I create) right now on planners!!!  I also couldn’t find a set of pages that was perfect for me personally, and how I wanted to organize things!  I have a business side, a work side, and a personal side…and I want all three in one basic area – and then I can organize things from there!!!  I also wanted to be able to grab stamps, and simply add those fun little details and embellishments to each of the pages!  

 This week’s plans for my planner:

  • Get front cover designed
  • Get sections decided on and designed
  • Finish up planner pages
  • Get a system for organizing life using this planner
  • Create paper clip embellishments for planner pages

Where the dividers are concerned – I simply used chipboard for them – with either a cut in half file folder – or an envelope hidden on the back, in order to put things in!!!  I also created half sized dividers, in order to categorize things a bit better!   I can’t wait to start to design the fun embellishments for each of the pages, as well as pockets and things to put stuff in! 
I hope to see some of the fun things you all create – and will make sure to share with you the actual planner pages I have designed – and the paper clip embellishments for the planner itself!!!

 See you next week,
Lynda Jeffs
 Memories in Tyme 


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