This week, your challenge is to either find an old project you have wanted to do, or finish up a project you have needed to! The thing with this challenge is – NO shopping allowed!!! If you need basic supplies such as adhesive, a sheet of cardstock if you don’t have the right color (or enough), that is fine, but no other supplies purchased! I am sure you all have a LOT of stuff, just like I do… so lets have fun and create, and not have to go shopping because of “Covid” LOL!

I have a special project I need to get done before I go celebrate birthday’s next week! My sister Allison’s birthday is on August 12th and mine is the 2nd. All she wanted the year I was born, was a birthday party and a sister baby (her words), she got both!!!! This year is more special than any of my birthday’s, it is my first birthday home from living out of state for 12 years! And probably the only time (especially as adults), that we have celebrated our days together! This year, we are spending it with our family and friends, eating really awesome food and drinking a bunch of iced tea! I am sure there will be quite a few more posts and pictures of the day both on Instagram and here! If you are not following me on Instagram, the link is on the bottom.

I am also working on another special project, a baby album for my first grandchild! I have all the papers and embellishments (or will use my Cricut machine) I will need for it! After I get it done, I will have a post here, and the basic idea! Make sure you share with me what you have done and the supplies used for your No Shopping Allowed challenge!

Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme

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