One sheet wonder examples

I kind of “stumbled” across the “one sheet wonder” template and card idea recently. Once I started on my first set of cards, I have been HOOKED ever since! When I look at the examples, all of them are so different – even IF the same shapes from the templates are used. I think that is the part I love the most, I have seen so many awesome ideas from the templates I have saved. Simply find the best templates and papers, and get started!

With the card examples shown here – you can see just how you can use the templates with your cards, making different card TYPES for the papers you selected. For me personally – I love THIS part the most! OF course I love to create all of the same TYPE of cards with the same papers, but also love to use one set of papers with various themes as well!

I think one of my other favorite parts from using this type of creating cards – is the various ways you can use the various shapes you find. Mat them, don’t mat them! ADD background paper – DON’T add background paper! White card base – colored card base….. And if you look at the example here – you can see VARIOUS colors of cards are used for the background!

Tips to get started –

  • Go to your favorite search bar (I used Google) and type in “one sheet wonder” and you will get plenty of templates you can use, sites you can go to, and ideas!
  • Find papers you want to use. Any of the sizes you normally use – and find the sizes to cut the shapes in to.
  • Look at papers that you can use for various things – like flowered paper for thank you, thinking of you, sympathy or birthday cards…. Do more than one saying for the whole sheet!
  • If you have one themed sheet – use it for that theme, such as birthday cards! You can also use blue or pink “celebration” type papers for baby’s as well!!!
  • Pick colors for each of the shapes, and finalize your cards based on the colors you have selected. Some of the cutest cards have been done using paper, a saying and a small embellishment – let the paper be your deciding factor!

I hope you have fun in this wonderful card type – and make sure you share with me what you have done!!!

Until next time,

Lynda Jeffs

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