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Essential Storage Tote

I have been working on organizing my craft space, and stumbled upon this company that is helping me to make a bit of money AND organize the spaces in my home, including my craft space!!!  They have key pieces I can purchase to add to the other pieces I have made – the recycled shoe boxes, the shipping boxes, and my Project Life boxes (blog post to follow) to start with!  Each piece I purchase will go with the pieces I have made, and will help to keep myself organized and able to get more done in the long run (or so I hope)!!!  The best thing I like is being able to customize the pieces I purchase, with the spaces I need to organize!!!  
I am excited for the end result – because I truly am getting more done right now by organizing as I have!  As I organize one thing – I move things around, or decide if I truly am going to use something again.  I am in the middle of organizing/reorganizing my stamps back into something I used to do – and made more sense!  I might just get even MORE done now that I am doing this!  Next up – finding a key piece of furniture that I can re-purpose (a wardrobe) in order to put all of my shoe boxes, shipping boxes, and containers I purchase into one place, as well as 2 bookcases to put my books and things on, with a table on for my work space!!!  Between those 2 pieces, I think I can truly start to get a lot of things done crafting wise!  Now I just need to figure out how to manage my time, LOL!!!  

February Specials

Now – if you want to order anything, simply click the link, and you can shop away on my site!  Each month is a great special – order $35 and you can purchase a wonderful product for an AMAZING PRICEYou can check out the specials page here, and click on one of the options for a show you can add your order to that makes sense for you!  With Easter coming up, you have some DARLING items you can use in place of a traditional “basket” they will never use again!     

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