I have 2 different “creative” spaces in my house. One is in my living room where my computer is that has my Cricut machine attached. The other is my office and creative space all rolled into one!!! I needed something I could take back and forth between the two spaces, with everything I need to create for that project, in one place. 31 Bags had this set that was perfect for what I needed – something to go from one space to the other, that looks good, is functional and I can use it for other things if I need to!

The zip-top organizing tote is wonderful for just about anything! Use it for your craft or hobby, to put work files and electronic equipment in, to organize many type of things! I love the pockets around the bottom, I have my smaller supplies in the pockets to make it easier for me to find! I put my sheets of cardstock/papers, my paper trimmer, a file folder for all the scraps, all in the large tote.

I also have my tiny utility tote to put all of my smaller supplies in – my ink pads, stamps, ribbon, bling…. the smaller things, put in one place. Click the links and you can see the different selection of colors and prints, and this month for every $50 you spend, get one item for 50% off! The totes here, $62 and you can choose the fabrics you like! Go to the site, click “My Parties”, and a link to the latest party is there! Let me know if you need anything!

Thanks for stopping by, until next time!

Lynda Jeffs, Memories in Tyme

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