Customized Products


All customized products are made with you in mind – charge for customizing starts at $10 per project – and will go up depending on the amount of customizing we will be doing, price of item customizing is extra.

We can customize –

  • Cards/invitations
  • Mini albums
  • Paper bag albums
  • Digital albums
  • Larger scrapbooks
  • Framed pages
  • Altered cans
  • Anything else we create

Customizing includes picking out paper, choosing embellishments to use, style of font to use, etc.  Any journaling you want can either be done by hand by you after it gets there – or sent to me via email, and will be printed out on cardstock instead!

Customizing is for you to help decide what to use, so the person or reason you are making it – feels special because of it!  Get with me for any customizing needs, and you will get a free quote!




All customized products are made with your feedback every step of the way.   Small parts can be used on products, so not suitable for children.