Framed Pages


With framed pages, you will be in on the entire process from picking out the papers down to adding which embellishments we are going to use!  Can go up to 12 x 12 or so, depending on the frame itself.  You are able to choose a frame to use, purchase it at Michaels lets say, and I can pick it up!  Or purchase and mail it to me directly!  We can always schedule a time we can video chat together (or phone) and I can guide you to what you are looking for!

You can do smaller pages – I have done initials before!  Or you can do a 12 x 12 layout, with or without pictures!  Do a holiday framed page you can hang up – various holidays you celebrate!  Here is at least a few ideas to get you started!  Price STARTS at $25.00 and will go up based on the amount of work we will do.  You will get a free quote before we get started!




Pages are framed in a basic frame – suitable for just about anyone!  Nice to hang on your walls and customize it to your home, or a gift recipient.