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I have so many projects rolling at once, I’m not sure if you guys are like this or not…but wow – I feel like I am all over the place right now!  The next few months is going to be really busy for me in all aspects of my life – and very much a deciding factor in what is next for me!  I am excited, happy – and really looking forward to all the hard work coming up next for me and my family let me tell you!  
So, with all this work I am doing right now, how do I document things so I can see the day to day stuff that was done in order to get me where we are in a year from now?  I want to see the things done – the events we did – the education we took – the driving we did to places during our journey this year, I want it all documented so I can keep all of the little details from the year in one place!
For last year – I still have to go back through my Facebook account – my emails – and my photos on my phone, in order to document some of the things we did… NOT a good way to do things, I will tell you!  I have my Project Life stuff ready to go, and I am ready to start this project, but this years “things” will be done a bit differently!!!!  

Now comes the challenge for those of you who – like me – have purchased stuff, but haven’t started really (or have only started a few pages):

  • Organize the stuff you have bought or that will go perfectly with your Project Life album and put it all in once place
  • Start your beginning pages – AT LEAST do the title page, and a page to introduce your album this week
  • Take pictures as you go throughout your week this next week – jot down things you want to remember – dates, times, etc…  You can always get the details added to the album first – the picture can come later
  • Find a few sites that will help you with your journey – I have my Pinterest page here and I use it more than anything for pictures and links to things I want to keep

I hope you will join me this year in detailing your life!  Project Life makes it really easy to get the whole family involved in picking out the items that will go in the pockets – down to the pictures you select to go with that memory!  All the details of when one of your kids said something funny or memorable, or your husband did something – or your best friend…  All those times in your life when you simply wonder IF you will get through – detail them in Project Life!  It’s not just about the good times, this helps with the set backs too!  

Thanks for stopping by,
Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme


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