I have read from the time I have been a little girl, both my parents were avid readers – my mother still loves to read to this day!  One thing I have always hated – is either grabbing a piece of paper to keep my place, or folding down the corner of the page I am on…that right there drives me nuts, not sure about you all!!!   Every bookmark made is one of a kind, no matter if the same supplies are used!

  • Corner style – $3.50 for 2 – 3 packs for $9
  • Long style – $3.00 each (1-9) –  $2.50 each (10-49) – $2.00 50+

Colors available (both styles) –

  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Brown/tan
  4. Gray
  5. Green
  6. Ivory
  7. Misc.
  8. Orange
  9. Pink
  10. Purple
  11. Red
  12. Yellow
  13. White

Bookmarks can be customized by theme for birthday parties, wedding announcements or at the wedding, anniversaries, business openings, church events, school events, or many other events!  The more you need the more we will discount!

To order, let me know what color you would like, I can send you examples of each of the ones I have completed, and you can decide from there the exact items you want!

All bookmarks can be paid by PayPal if you are not close – and cash/credit cards if you do live local!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme