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To purchase your own recipe album, please send me information in our contact us section – and I will get back to you quickly with a price!  You will need to scan each of the recipe’s and have them sent to me in a file, and we can get the project started for you!  If I scan the recipe’s you will need to send them to me, and I will send them back to you – price is extra for this charge! 

**Updated 3/30/17**

I have been working on a project for the past few years, something special for my children to keep for the rest of their lives…my grandmother’s recipe’s!  For me personally, I am making the album into a book from, where I can have it made into an amazing book for my children to keep!!!  If you want the files for your own use, please contact me and I will be happy to share it with you!

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Why the project???  I wanted something to give to my kids, that could be handed down to THEIR children…  I wanted to watch them make some of the recipe’s Grandma used to, and I especially wanted them to simply get a kick out of the little things Grandma saved “Beans and Toot’s” comes in mind there!!!

So far, this is what I have done…  I am hoping the project will be done and ready to print by her birthday in May!  Each of Grandma’s 4 children will receive a CD/DVD for them to use as they wish!!!  As far as the album itself, I will be leaving plenty of places for you to add your own special memories of Grandma and Grandpa – and thanks to some amazing family members, I have a great selection of pictures to go along with the recipe’s!!!  Should you want to add any blurbs, thoughts, or photos to the album, now is the very last time to get them in to me so I can incorporate them into the book!!

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The recipe’s are in grandma’s handwriting, and yellowed with age.  Okay but I am a huge sap when it comes to things like this, and really feel that the yellowing only makes the entire project if you ask me!  I will also be adding a few pages in the back of the album dedicated to those in the family we have lost recently, Stephanie my niece, and of COURSE – our sweet Teresa to name a few!  Just know this project is NOT just for me – if you want to add anything to it, please let me know!!!


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