I am taking orders for Christmas cards this year – last and final day to place your orders and have them done will be November 30th if you are local to the area – November 20th if you need them mailed to you!!

Place your order by October 15th, plus pay for your deposit…receive a free gift!!!

$2.00 each card, the more you buy, the more you can save!

Papers used will be different, but the designs and colors for each card will stay the same!

If you happen to have supplies already, please let me know and we can add a discount, same applies if you find the perfect papers you want to purchase for me to use – ship them to me – and get a discount!  All papers you purchase will be shipped back to you – or you can sell them back to me for more off your order!

Card examples with links are posted below, along with specific information for each card such as different colors we can use, and the card number!  Simply let me know what card number you want and how many of them, I will send you a PayPal invoice to get the process started, or see me if you are local for options to pay and pick up!

2017 Christmas cards

Christmas card #1 is one of my favorite card designs I have made, simple yet beautiful!  This card can be done in kraft, blue, green or red…  Or customize your own colors for an additional charge!

Christmas card #2 is another one of my favorites – a bit more work to this card, yet still simple and beautiful!  This card can be done in red, green or blue, again customize colors for an additional charge!

Christmas card #3 we can customize the saying for no charge – background papers can vary!

Christmas card #4 can be customized with different sayings and colors as well!  If you have papers you would like to use, this is a perfect card we can recreate using your own paper selection!

Christmas card #5 is another card example that can be done using your own papers to be more customized for you!  We can also take a color scheme and create the same card example!   The first 5 people to order this card, will get customization for FREE!!!  Send me your colors!!!

Christmas card #6, can be created using various papers and colors to be personalized to you, as well as various holiday greetings for the saying!  Darling card – can be done using papers you already have or pick out.

Christmas card #7 can be done in any 2 set of colors (as shown above) – same card, just different colors used for each one in the example above!  Get creative with your color selections and customize this fun card!!!

Christmas card #8 is another example of a card that can be done in various colors!  A simple snowflake stamped background with a snowman holding your favorite saying!!!  Can be done using any 2 colors along with white for the snowman and saying both!  Can be customized!!!


Christmas card #9 is one of those cards that can be done in various ways and color schemes, depending you, your color scheme and your taste!  We can always work out the perfect color scheme for your cards this year, and customize this fun card just for you!!!

Message me to get started – don’t wait until the last minute to get your order in!  Orders paid for in full up front will get prompt service, updates on your order, 1 free revision with every customized card ordered and a tracking number for your order going back to you if mailed!  All other orders – $10 deposit down, you let me know when you want the order done, to be paid for before you get the cards!

Thanks for stopping by,

Lynda Jeffs

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