Learning how to create paper crafts – is more daunting than anything!  With all the products and ideas out there, where do you begin???  If you have purchased stuff, that’s the easy part, it is putting it all together that is the rough part of it all!  Here at Memories in Tyme Learning HOW to create – we show you what to do with all that fun stuff and your photos!  I started making handmade cards, my first project – my daughters’ birth announcements (she is 26)!!!  From that point until now – I simply love to make paper crafts!  Once I moved back home to Utah in 1997, I then learned what a scrapbook was, and to say I was hooked – is a complete understatement!

Learning how to create paper crafts the Memories in Tyme way –

  • Classes that are sure to keep you wanting for more!  All designed by Lynda – using her beginner through expert formula that will show you how to start it all out, and working your way up from there!
  • Blog that has a ton of ideas you can recreate yourself using your own favorite products and supplies you have on hand and have already purchased!  If you need to purchase supplies, we help you to do things for cheaper!
  • Everything here will be in a beginner through expert format to allow you to learn what you need, and move on from there, learning harder techniques to add to the beginner techniques you will learn!

When you learn how to create – you want to learn based on your own style, NOT mine!  I give you the information you need so you can take your own supplies, and recreate the project!  In the blog, we have many ideas and directions to recreate your own handmade paper crafts!  Gifts for a special someone – your own scrapbooks – cards to give out…  whatever your choice is…enjoy your time here at Memories in Tyme!

Lynda Jeffs

Memories in Tyme