For all Memories in Tyme orders, if you go to my contact page, please give me what it is you are wanting to purchase! I will get you a price of what it will cost, plus any shipping costs. All payments will be cash on delivery (until they stop letting us use cash that is), credit cards directly through me, or PayPal/Venmo if you would rather! Shipping is an extra charge – and will go out the best way possible for you!

Check back often for different creations and specials for purchasing, as well as customizing! Plus the more you buy, the more you earn in credits on another purchase, and the people you refer to me to purchase their own creations.

Creations that are customized will need at least 2 weeks time to get it finished, sometimes longer depending on the item and amount that needs to be created! If you are looking at customized creations, you will be charged a 50% deposit! All work starts when deposit is in my hands and payment has cleared! No finished product until final payment is made. You will have 3 business days to cancel your customized order with a full refund, after that – deposit will be kept.

Customized creations start when you place the order! You choose between a few papers and embellishments based on the colors you have selected, so things are are truly one of a kind and more personalized to the person who is getting the handmade item! With my customized creations, once you decide the papers and embellishments, the rest is up to me to finish up. Should you want to be in on the whole process, the higher price for customizing will apply.

I do not create the same thing twice, in fact it is pretty hard for me to do so! Something is always different about the second item I make, even if the same supplies are used on both projects! You might not see it unless I point it out, but it will always be that way, so keep that in mind when ordering! If you are looking for something that is for more than one person, you might want to consider a digital project versus a handmade one! Digital albums can be printed out and made to look like a book

Handmade products:

What makes a Memories in Tyme album “different” than the others, I mean every album is the same – right??? My albums are one of a kind, no matter IF I use the same supplies on both albums! Each album is made with those little details – and can be customized to what YOU want to do with it!!! Everything is made as if I would want to put my own pictures in, or get it if I were to receive one as a gift! Same thing with all the creations I make, it’s all one of a kind!

I am working on some handmade creations to sell here in Salt Lake and surrounding areas in various venues! Each of the creations here can also be customized! I can also show you a few things that are in progress for you to choose colors and papers from! What you want me to create to make it a bit more customized, just at a cheaper price! Should you simply have to have one of these handmade creations – contact me on my contact page, letting me know the following information:

  • Name and phone # to call you back, as well as a good time to call you and time zone you are in!
  • What item you want to purchase or customize that you have seen here!
  • Anything else you would like to add!