Customized Designs

Altered items – oh boy, lets chat about that! The above project is a coffee can, altered into a present container! You can do a lot of different holidays, themes, and colors that you can imagine! This one, was an Easter project, and probably one of my favorite ones! Since things like this take time, I need some time to get the “can” (unless you have one to use) and get it made. They are NOT on the shelf so to speak to purchase! Price here starts at $20.00 and up depending on the detail!

Boxes can be altered, I use a lot for simple containers for my “stuff”, but can also be something fun for a present inside, and a darling container for them to use on something else!

Frames can be altered and painted. We can certainly find a PERFECT frame and paint it the color you need it! Intricate designs more!

Large banners smaller than 12 x 12 with what you need on it. Any event you can think of, or just because you want to brighten up someone’s day!

We are working on glass ware with sayings/designs on them! Customized of course to what you need!

Check back for more pictures and information on customized work. Send me a message via my contact page, and we can get started!