Terms and Conditions

Price for each handmade paper craft item depends on many factors including amount of time spend on the creations and supplies used.  Each item will be priced accordingly, and discounted the more a customer purchases and refers clients to Memories in Tyme.  Payment will be made by cash, PayPal, or Venmo before customer gets the finished item made.

All Memories in Tyme products come with a price tag.  As customers refer other clients to us to make their own handmade creations, they will get a percentage back in a referral credit to spend at a later date.  All delivery will be made via USPS, UPS or FedEx – depending on the client choice for delivery, or met at a location that is beneficial to everyone if you live in the Salt Lake City and surrounding area.

Memories in Tyme agrees to take your photos, memories, feedback and supplies necessary to complete the handmade creation in enough time for customers to do what they need to with them. The items are to be handmade and designed by Lynda Jeffs, owner and designer – as if she were to give them to her own friends and family.  Turnaround time will depend on how fast clients get back to her on things that need to be done, deposit paid and finished item paid for.  Memories in Tyme agrees to create one of a kind creations for customers who do not want to create themselves.

Customers need to give Memories in Tyme the necessary feedback to finish up their customized items.  This includes returning emails and phone calls on a timely basis.   Should a client neglect to contact Memories in Tyme within a 24 time period will result in their item being put aside until such time the customer contacts Lynda with the necessary feedback to finish up the item.   This is non-negotiable as my time is precious and so is yours.  You are in on as much of the process as you want to in order to make this truly a one of a kind item.

Memories in Tyme is not to be held responsible for anything happening to creations that is above and beyond Lynda’s control.  The best thing to do if something happens to a creation Lynda has made, and it is right after you have purchased it, is contact us!  If it is due to something happening to it because a pet or child got a hold of it, or someone was mad, or you left it outside and something happened to it, or anything else that is neglectful – we will not replace the item.  All items will be mailed with delivery confirmation, signature on delivery and insurance so we are both protected!  Item will be mailed in a Ziploc style bag to protect from the elements and make it harder to break in to!

For all work, Memories in Tyme must receive at least a 50% deposit for work to begin.  For customers opting to pay the whole balance, your work will take precedence above anything.  Memories in Tyme needs to know dates you expect to have the piece to you – giving me enough time to create it.  Since things for the most part is done by hand, we need enough time to create it and mail it back, so this needs to be factored in to all dates.  If this is an invitation type of thing, mock ups will be made prior to sending money so you know what it is you will be getting.  Changes can be made after the first one made – limited to 3 revisions before you are charged for more revisions.

You have 3 business days to cancel this order, receiving 75% of the deposit sent to us back by the method you have paid us .  Work will begin as we have been contracted to do so by the date you are asking for it to be done by.  If changes need to be made, or work needs to be cancelled, you will then go at the per page price, getting the layouts we have completed up to the deposit you have made – as no refunds will then be given after work has started.

Customers have the chance to do any type of changes as the work begins.  Lynda and the customers will be sitting down with a design sheet in which each detail is clearly spelled out.  As Lynda designs a page or two, the customer will get back with her before the final glue is placed down with any changes that might need to be done.  Clients are in on as much of the process as they want to be or as little as they want to be.   Small things might fall off or come unglued, customers are able to use adhesive products to adhere them down to the paper again.

Anything that is handmade that is purchased from Memories in Tyme is created, designed and put together by Lynda Jeffs.  Once customer’s pay for the item, it is “their” property, but Memories in Tyme and Lynda Jeffs holds all creative designs for individual items sold.  They are not to be reproduced in any manner whatsoever.

Customers have 3 business days to cancel or terminate the contract.  From that time, work will begin on the projects at hand.  Customers need to cancel within this time period to get any type of money back.  Lynda Jeffs and Memories in Tyme has the right to terminate the contract should the client not be fulfilling their obligations for designs, not contacting back within a decent amount of time, money not clearing the bank or being cancelled, or anything else that is inappropriate, shady or wrong.