That “One” Stamp – Used Different Ways

When you purchase a stamp, there are different things you should ask yourself before you buy it…  

  1. Is it a stamp you can use over and over again, or is it just for one use only?  (Birthday vs invitation)
  2. Do you have other stamps you can pair with this “one” you are buying?  

Madge is that “one” stamp that I can use in different ways, just by the sayings and papers I used.  One is a birthday card, one is a friendship card, and one says “is it coffee yet”!  Madge is awesome!!!  

A small saying stamp – can also be used in different ways!  One was embossed and left square – the other two rounded corners!  Different colors of background papers used from my background papers from other projects!   

I have had this stamp (from Close To My Heart) for quite a long time now (since the 90’s)!  It is the kind of stamp I have used with oval shaped (for Easter Baskets), down to hearts inside the basket, down to flowers!  It is such a versatile stamp – I simply LOVE it!  I also use this stamp with my Creative Paperclay, and have made magnets out of them!  


With all of the great products out there now, you can get a few punch’s – add a few saying stamps, and you have your own style of cards!!!  Stamps, can help you save money – each time you end up using them!  

Lynda Jeffs
Memories in Tyme

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